no cheating because of security cameras in the classroom

Are security cameras allowed in the classroom?

Some argue that it invades privacy. Others want safety over their privacy. So, who is right? And are security cameras allowed in the classroom?As the population continues to grow, millions of kids awaken to go to school. With an abundance of kids, a teacher could only do so much. Having security cameras in the classroom […]

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Protect your house and reduce crime

Do home security cameras reduce crime ? 

You can not have eyes everywhere to look out for vandals and robbers. But can cameras? Do home security cameras reduce crime? Everyone wants to protect their property from being stolen or vandalized. There are many cameras spread throughout the country and the world.However, crime is something that cannot be eliminated entirely. So, understand that reduction […]

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Public invasion of privacy

Are security cameras an invasion of privacy?

In our homes, we cover up the computer cameras to have our privacy, but publicly, there are thousands of videos of us. This makes us start wondering, whether or not security cameras are a serious invasion of privacy to all of us.Privacy, or the state of being free from being observed or disturbed by other […]

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Smile Sign

Are security cameras a HIPAA violation ?

Nowadays wherever you go a camera is watching your every move and this is one of the reasons people are asking “are security cameras a HIPAA violation ?”It doesn’t sound that bad knowing it is for our safety.But what happens when it crosses your privacy line?  Perhaps the  security cameras are a HIPAA violation depending […]

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Using Wyze Cam as a Webcam

How to use Wyze cam as webcam

Let’s learn how to use Wyze cam as webcam.There are different ways to do that using software that can create virtual web cameras. In this article, I talk about the ManyCam.  To use your Wyze camera as web cam it’s necessary to install the RTSP firmware to make it compatible with different types of software and […]

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Are Wyze Cameras Encrypted

Are Wyze cameras encrypted ?

You install security cameras to make sure your place is safe, but perhaps you are wondering “Are Wyze cameras encrypted ?” Let’s talk about that.Yes, Wyze cameras are encrypted and have safe communication with the servers.Of course, they are not 100% safe because there’s no such thing on the Internet.Anyway, Wyze Labs is making an […]

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Are Wyze Cameras Battery Operated

Are Wyze cameras battery operated ?

Let’s talk about IP cameras, a common question on forums is “are Wyze cameras battery operated? ” I think it’s time to address this topic.Those small cameras are very popular because of their quality and low price.People like to have portable gadgets to move from place to place and that’s the reason almost everything can […]

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Record Wyze cam on PC

How to record Wyze Cam on PC (for Free)

In this article, I show how to record Wyze Cam on PC using Free Software.Luxriot Evo is a VMS (Video Management System) that can record up to 9 cameras for Free if you want to have more than that consider using the paid version.The goal here is to set up the Wyze Cam to record […]

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Wyze Cam Stream to YouTube

Wyze cam stream to YouTube (for Free)

Want to learn how to make your Wyze cam stream to YouTube ?In this article, I explain how to use Free software to stream your camera live to YouTube. It’s easy and only takes about 10 to 15 minutes.I assume you already have the Wyze Cam installed and running on the software.If you don’t have […]

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Car thief at night

How to catch a car vandal at night

People want to learn how to catch a car vandal at night but usually, that’s not easy.There are different ways to accomplish that task such as hire somebody to watch your car while it’s parked. But that’s not a cheap way to solve the problem.The good news is that you can use security cameras to […]

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