Is your CCTV system safe from hackers ?

Nowadays everyone wants to connect their CCTV system on the Internet to see everything remotely via computer, mobile phone or tablet.The question is: “Is your CCTV system safe from hackers ?”People install IP cameras, DVRs or NVRs, enable P2P, cloud, or whatever the new technology that manufacturers offer to make the customer happy with their […]

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HDMI cable for CCTV

How to choose the best HDMI cable for CCTV ? (for DVRs and NVRs)

In many CCTV installations that use DVR, the customer wants to see the images through a monitor connected directly to the recorder.For this type of installation it is necessary to use monitors and HDMI or VGA cables, and today the best choice has been the first one.Many technicians are faced with different types of situations […]

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Your CCTV system is about to be hacked

OK, let’s start with that statement above. It is a proven fact that any device connected to an IP network can suffer attacks and intrusions by hackers and viruses. And the world-installed DVRs and security cameras are on this list of devices.Let’s talk now about one of the biggest problems found in the area of […]

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Camera man

Video analytics for CCTV cameras

Have you seen those movies where there is a lot of technology and the CCTV camera can do some really interesting stuff with advanced CCTV video intelligent analysis ? Let’s understand a bit more about CCTV camera video analytics and see what really can be done in the real world. So keep reading…When we talk about […]

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How does Onvif work

ONVIF is a worldwide industry standard protocol for video surveillance interconnection between IP cameras. DVRs, NVRs and VMSs. Most modern IP CCTV devices are ONVIF compliant and use some of its profiles.Founded in 2008 by Axis, Bosch, and Sony, today ONVIF already has more than 500 members and more than 5,000 products that are compatible […]

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Surveillance room

Do you know why CCTV system is so important ?

The practice of crimes such as theft, robbery and vandalism is constantly growing around the world, especially if there is no way to identify and punish the perpetrator.That is why security cameras play a key role in protecting people, property and even animals, since locations are monitored, there is a tendency for crime to decrease.Let’s […]

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Video Codec

How CCTV codecs work

When the video is generated by a CCTV camera, is necessary to compress it to save bandwidth and storage space. The compression is performed by a CCTV codec algorithm such as MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 or H.265. In this article I will explain how the main CCTV codecs work. Just keep reading…A CCTV codec works just […]

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Switch for CCTV projects

What is the best switch for CCTV ?

Layer 2 switches can be used for projects that require reliability and performance. They have the technology to ensure speed and safety using the most modern features available. Below is a description of the most important features for CCTV projects.In this article, I talk about switch for CCTV. 100Mbps ports: In a CCTV project the […]

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