Axis Intruder Data Error (Quick solution)

Errors are quite common in cameras; luckily, a description usually tags along with the error so you can know what the following steps are. In this article, we will take a look at the Axis “Intruder Data” Error and how to solve it.

The Axis Camera Station is known for having this particular error show up but don’t worry too much because sometimes there is nothing actually wrong with the camera. If you want to learn more about Axis and the Axis camera station, click here.

Remember that the Axis “Intruder Data” Error will not hinder your ability to access your camera live or view any past recordings. Nevertheless, having an error message pop up when nothing is wrong can be incredibly annoying.

The reason behind the error is that your camera station’s main administrator is in charge of running intruding data. Sometimes it may successfully run one, but the error still appears.

Now that you are aware of what the issue signifies, let’s discuss how to solve it. Below you will find reasons as to why you might receive an Axis “Intruder Data” Error and how to go about it.

How to get rid of Axis “Intruder Data” Error

There is plenty of things that can sometimes trigger an error. A common one is not updating your software/firmware. A lack of updates can continue to trigger the error.

So stop clicking the “Update Tomorrow” button and, instead, update as soon as possible. These updates usually fix and remove bugs that may be triggering the error in the first place.

Furthermore, users have noticed and reported that the issue goes away by changing the settings for their hard drives. You should leave 10% of your hard drive empty to eliminate the error.

Having your hard drive full or at least more than 90% full can trigger the error. To fix this, head into the settings and adjust them to leave at least 10% of the hard drive empty at all times.

Bear in mind that by changing and saving these settings, you might have to format the drive after. But it is not the only thing that may be evoking the Axis “Intruder Data” Error messages.

Software Glitch

Software glitches are another common culprit that can cause you issues. These tend to build up and often happens when files lose their reference, usually the .acsm and .acsi kind. 

A quick solution to this is using the Collect Non-indexed Files tool that can be found on any 5.14 version or later Axis Camera Station under the settings.

To locate this function, launch your settings, and find “Workspace.” Inside “Storage,” you should find “Management.” Using the Collect Non-indexed Files, you can keep the Axis “Intruder Data” Error from appearing again.

To get started, select the “Collect” option on your screen, and the tool will start working. The files that are not indexed will then be moved to a separate folder in your recording files and will be titled “Non-indexed Files.”

These non-indexed files can be viewed and watched as the file player is copied over to the file along with the non-indexed contents. After removing the files, you should no longer have an issue with the Axis “Intruder Data” Error.

Final Thoughts

If you have done the above and the Axis “Intruder Data” Error message continues to pop up, it might be time to contact the seller or distributor to receive tech support in hopes of fixing the device. A warranty might also cover the replacement of the device if it cannot be fixed.