Arlo Records Ony 10 Seconds (solution)

Footage is vital to know what happened in your home or business. But when the Arlo camera records 10 seconds of footage, it might be an issue for users.

At times Arlo users claimed that the camera continues to record 10-second clips. And though that can be annoying to users, it can be easily fixed through the settings in the Arlo app.

The Arlo camera records and saves footage when motion is detected. This lets the camera observe the surroundings of your home without necessarily filming for no reason.

Motion detection recording saves a lot of space when it comes to video storage; nevertheless, some users want to extend the recording period. So if your Arlo camera records 10-second clips, then follow the instructions below.

Changing Arlo camera recording length

The good part is that Arlo cameras have adjustable recording periods that can last anywhere from 10 seconds to 120 seconds. This greatly depends on the user’s wants and needs, and recordings can reach up to 300 seconds or 5 minutes.

Arlo brand cameras, including the Arlo Q and Arlo Pro, can continue to record until all motion ends. Want to know more about the Arlo Pro? Click here to see a full review! To change the settings on the Arlo camera, do the following:

Start by opening the Arlo app on your phone and ensure you are logged in. If you aren’t, go ahead and input your credentials to make sure you are in your account. Once logged in, click “Mode” on the top of the screen, as shown below.

You will then be prompted to choose a mode of recording. Start by clicking and selecting the camera/base station you want to alter and selecting the arrow next to the “Armed” mode. 

Keep in mind that some modes can be altered while others cannot. Active modes can be configured. Therefore, we will use the “Armed” mode in this situation.

After clicking the arrow, you can now edit your camera’s recording based on your needs. If you have multiple cameras, take the time to address each one and its needs and adjust as needed.

Under “Recording settings,” you will have two options. Either “Record until activity stops” or “Record for a fixed length of time.” If successfully set up, either one can solve the issue of the Arlo camera recording only 10- seconds.

“Record until activity stops.”

Choose this option to record a clip of when the motion starts until the motion ends. Keep in mind this only goes up to 300 seconds which equals five minutes.

This will increase how much footage is recorded; thus, more footage will be stored, and fewer days can be recorded back to back.

“Record for a fixed lenght of time.”

The second option is to set a fixed time; this means that even if there is motion, the camera will stop recording after it goes past the set time.

While this gives users the freedom to adjust the length of footage, to could keep the camera from recording important footage; if you choose this option, select it and alter the time as you wish.

Applying the settings

Once you have chosen one of the above choices, you will need to apply the settings by clicking “Save.” And now the camera will do as you wish. Remember to repeat the process if you have more than one camera.

Final Thoughts

If you do not change the settings, the Arlo camera records 10- seconds. However, it is a quick fix that should take you little to no time! Do keep in mind that the more clips recorded, the faster the battery will drain if your camera is battery-powered.