Yi camera error (-3030)- Network Connection Failed (solved)

If you are trying to look over your camera footage and are encountering the Yi Camera “Network Connection Failed” error, this article is perfect for you.

After launching the app, you might see a message that states, “Network connection failed, please check network settings and reconnect(-3030).” Now, what do you do? 

Don’t worry, that’s why we wrote this article. Below you will find out why this error message is popping up and what to do about it to fix it.

Yi Camera “Network Connection Failed” error.

The error message mentioned above keeps users from being able to see their cameras in the app. If this is you, worry not, as there is a fix, and you will get to the bottom of it.

The message suggests that there is something wrong with the connection between your home’s network and the camera. It could also indicate that your phone is having issues, the app is not functioning, or the camera needs troubleshooting. 

Whatever the case may be, there is clearly an issue, and the devices are unable to communicate well enough with one another. To fix the Yi Camera “Network Connection Failed” message, there are a couple of troubleshooting tips you should try out. Let’s go over them one by one.

Fixing Yi Camera “Network Connection Failed”

To fix this issue, you will need to try a couple of different things in hopes that one of them will correct the error message. 

An error with the network connection can mean an array of different things; thus, you should follow the information below step by step to figure out what works—starting with the easiest and quickest fixes and moving on to the more challenging and time-consuming ones.

Solution #1: Power off, Power on

A quick and simple thing you can do is turn off your phone entirely and then turn it on again. This can help put everything in its place and has been reported to work.

Sometimes, as incredible as it may be, it is as efficient as it is easy. So before moving on to more intricate steps, just restart your phone and try opening the app again.

While waiting for your phone to turn on, restart your router. Restarting your router, more commonly known as power cycling, can clear up any glitches in the system. 

To perform this correctly, power off the router and wait one minute before turning it on again. Much like your phone, it can seem simple but can make a big difference.

If you continue to experience issues even after all the tips, you can try to reset the Yi camera by following the instruction on our other article.

Solution #2: Updates, updates, updates.

We all have those days when we click “update tomorrow.” But tomorrow never comes. Sometimes bugs create issues in the software/firmware. 

It is imperative to keep all of the devices up-to-date. This includes the camera and your phone. Check the app and your settings for any needed updates to ensure that everything is up to par.

Solution #3: Distance is key

Ever had a person be so far away from you that you couldn’t hear what they were saying? Well, cameras are sometimes like that with their connection to your network. 

If there’s too much distance between the two, it creates a barrier in which they cannot communicate. Thus, it is essential to have minimal distance between your router and your camera.

Think about how far away your camera is from your router. Objects in the way can cause further interference. For instance, are there many walls or floors in between the two? If so, it could be the root of the issue.

If too far away from one another, the connection won’t be able to be stable, and you will most likely experience the Yi Camera “Network Connection Failed” error message. So bring your camera and your router closer to each other.

Solution #4: Speed

How fast your WiFi connection also plays a massive role in the connectivity with your camera. To check the speed, you can use your phone and run the download and upload speed tests through websites. 

Your WiFi speed primarily depends on your network provider and how many Mpbs you invest in. The more devices you have connected to your network, the higher the number should be.

Final Thoughts

If the above did not eliminate the Yi Camera “Network Connection Failed” error message, it might not be the connection. You should try contacting the manufacturer and receive some sort of tech support.

If the camera cannot be fixed, it could be replaced if under warranty, or you might accept a refund.