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Hikvision Cube Wireless camera

Hikvision Critical Vulnerability [ Important ]

Hikvision administrators have claimed there is “a zero-click vulnerability” in the majority of their security cameras. In this article, you’ll learn about Hikvision Critical Vulnerability. Additionally, there is a possibility that an unauthenticated hacker can gain access to your NVR and even internal networks. Details of said Remote Code Execution (RCE) bug in certain Hikvision […]

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Hikvision “Camera Does Not Support The Function”

This post will cover what to do if Hikvision Error “camera does not support this function” message appears. Reasons for the error message The error message mentioned above can appear in various situations on Hikvision or OEM devices. A commonly seen one is the message appearing when users attempt to alter the camera’s name. They […]

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Recover Hikvision camera via TFTP

How to get the IPC M-JPEG Stream on Hikvision Devices

In this article, you will learn how to display the HTTP commands to get IPC M-JPEG Stream on Hikvision IP Cameras. Motion JPEG (MJPEG/M-JPEG) is a compression video format that compresses digital video sequences as JPEG images. This was used for multi-media PC applications but is now centered around CCTV IP cameras and is useful […]

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Hikvision Error Offline (Parsing Server Domain Failed)

In this article, you’ll learn how to fix a Hikvision Error Offline (Parsing Server Domain Failed) in easy step-by-step instructions. Hikvision is a state-owned enterprise in China that produces and distributes video surveillance systems for both commercial and governmental use.  Though Hikvision is a reliable brand, at times, when you connect your device via P2P, […]

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WiFi Password

Use a WiFi adapter to turn your NVR into a WiFi device

Can a WiFi adaptor be used to turn NVR into a WiFi device? Let’s find out. Yes, it is possible. You can tune regular everyday NVRs into a WiFi NVR by using an affordable USB WiFi Adapter and connecting it to the back of the recorder. This can be an impressively simple solution that only […]

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Add devices in-Dahua Recorder

Dahua IP Camera Initialization

Need to manually start your camera before using it? This guide will cover Dahua IP camera initialization. The instructions you will find below apply to the Dahua logo and OEM version of the devices. Check out the Dahua OEM list article on our website to find out if your camera applies. Dahua IP camera initialization– […]

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