How to get the IPC M-JPEG Stream on Hikvision Devices

In this article, you will learn how to display the HTTP commands to get IPC M-JPEG Stream on Hikvision IP Cameras.

Hikvision default password

Motion JPEG (MJPEG/M-JPEG) is a compression video format that compresses digital video sequences as JPEG images. This was used for multi-media PC applications but is now centered around CCTV IP cameras and is useful for various situations.

Plenty of network-enabled cameras have M-JPEG streams that clients can connect to using web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.

Some cameras also provide their own M-JPEG interface as a feature. Though not all cameras have this, thus, cameras that do not have this feature use a server that can transcode the camera’s images into an M-JPEG stream.

Usage examples

  • http://admin:12345@

The commands

The following are examples are how to achieve HTTP with and without authentication, plus a snapshot using an HTTP URL.

These examples should be thought of as the main guide. For instance, where you see “username,” you will input the name you utilize to log in to the interface. So on and so forth.

HTTP with Authentication: http://<username>:<password>@<camera IP address>:<HTTP port>/Streaming/channels/102/httpPreview

HTTP without Authentication: http://<camera IP address>:<HTTP port>/Streaming/channels/102/httpPreview

Snapshot using HTTP URL: http://<camera IP address>:<HTTP port>/Streaming/channels/1/picture

Moreover, you can find what you need to input into the above URLs below.


The user refers to the username you use to access your Hikvision camera or recorder.


The Password is used to access the log-in for the camera or recorder.

[IP Address]

The DDNS name of your device or the IP address/ domain on your device. Furthermore, if you need to find the IP address of a security camera, check out the article!