Are Wyze cameras battery operated ?

Let's talk about IP cameras, a common question on forums is "are Wyze cameras battery operated? " I think it's time to address this topic.

Are Wyze Cameras Battery Operated

Those small cameras are very popular because of their quality and low price.

People like to have portable gadgets to move from place to place and that's the reason almost everything can be powered with a battery.

Wyze Cameras are not battery operated (yet)

Unfortunately, that's not the case for Wyze cameras.

Wyze cameras are not battery operated and since 2018 members of the Wyze team are talking about a future version that perhaps could have such a feature.

If you visit the Wyze Cam forum, certainly you are going to see a lot of questions related to this topic, people want to have a battery-operated camera.

There's a workaround for this problem though...

The workaround for a Wyze battery pack

How about stick a portable charger (a.k.a. Power Brick) to the Wyze Cam ?

By doing that it's possible to have the camera working with batteries, Cool, huh ?

These small cameras don't consume too much power, indeed 1000mA (1A) it's enough to power it up, so a portable charger for mobile phones is a good 

So, the solution is very simple and inexpensive since a portable battery charger costs less than $30, probably you afford one.

This portable charger has 25800mAh and fast charging.

How long does the battery last ?

That depends on how many mAh (milliamp Hour) the portable charger supports.

Some tests show that the Wyze Cam last 10 hours for every 6,000 mAh.

That means the portable charger above can last around 40 hours.

That's great considering that's more than 1.5 days.


If you have a power brick for your Wyze camera, there are no limitations regarding places you can install it.  (Just take into consideration the need for Internet).

If you are using a micro SD card to record the footage, even the lack of an Internet connection won't be a problem, that's awesome, don't you think ?

By the way, you can read the article "Can Wyze Cam work without Internet ?" to see more details about how to set up the camera to work properly. 


While we wait for a new Wyze Cam with battery pack let's enjoy the product with some additional power to make it work at any place.

Just in case you don't have a router at the place the camera is installed, use the camera with micro SD card recording.

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