Can Wyze Cam work without Internet ?

The question "Can Wyze Cam work without Internet?" is very common among people that bough this small camera and intent to use it offsite.

Can Wyze Cam work without Internet connection

The quick answer to this question is...

Yes, Wyze camera can work without Internet as long as it is connected to a power supply and a micro SD card is used to record the footage.

But things are not as simple as using the camera the regular way, let's discuss that.

How to make Wyze Cam work without Internet

You just need to set up your Wyze Cam to record into the micro SD card.

Yes, it is that simple. Set up your camera for local SD card recording  and move it to the place where the Internet is not available.

To watch the videos you just need to remove the card from the camera and insert it into your computer, every video is there organized in a folder by date and time.

The picture below shows the SD card with a folder named according to the recording dates 10-03-2020 and 11-03-2020 (Just read the names backward).

Wyze Cam micro SD Card Footage

Inside each main folder there are others that represent the hours of the day.

Wyze Cam micro SD card content

And finally, there are the files with each video...

Wyze Cam micro SD card content videos

It's very simple, isn't it ?

Just point the camera to the place you want to record the videos and later you can read the micro SD card on a regular computer or laptop.

But wait, if your mobile connects to the camera via the Wyze account, how can you watch the video directly from the camera if there's no Internet available ? 

How to watch the live video the Wyze Cam without Internet

Here's the tricky part. You can use your laptop to connect directly to the camera using the VLC software and the RTSP protocol.

The idea is to upgrade the camera firmware to be able to use this feature.

I have some articles on this blog to help you with that...

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So, that's the way you can make your Wyze Cam work without the Internet.

Make sure you read the other articles to properly set up everything.

It's OK if you don't want to upgrade your camera firmware to use the RTSP protocol but be aware that you wouldn't be able to check the camera live stream.

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