How to watch Wyze Cam on PC

Let's learn how to watch Wyze Cam on PC.

There are different ways to accomplish this task, you can use an emulator to run the Wyze App on your computer and the second way is to use the RTSP protocol.

The picture below shows the first option with the emulator and the Wyze App.

Wyze Cam on PC using emulator

The idea is to use the software on your PC that emulates a mobile environment and allows you to run Apps. You can use the BlueStacks emulator used by gamers.

So if you are looking for Wyze cam app for PC you get it running this way.

The second option uses the VLC software which receives the video stream directly from the camera using the RTSP protocol that is very popular on IP cameras.

==> Read the article "What is RTSP protocol for IP cameras" to learn more.

You can use an intermediate device such as the Chromecast to stream the video to the laptop / PC using this standard protocol.

The picture below shows a diagram that illustrates this concept.

Wyze Cam on PC

OK, now you understand how to watch Wyze Cam on PC using one of these options, let's talk about how to set up each one of them, starting with the emulator.

How to watch Wyze Cam on PC using emulator

1. Download the BlueStacks emulator and Install in your computer;

2. Log in into your Google Play Account;

3. Download the Wyze Cam App;

4. Log in to your Wyze Cam account.

The following pictures show the installation process...

BlueStacks installation Screen

BlueStacks Installation 

BlueStacks Download

The download takes less than 10 minutes

Login to Google Play

to your Google account

Login to Google Play Acoount

User your username and password

Wyze Cam on PC using BlueStacks App Search

Wyze Cam App Installation

Wyze App Login

Login into the Wyze Account

The picture below shows the image from the Wyze Cam using the emulator.

Wyze Cam on PC Using BlueStack Emulator

The installation and setup process is very simple and can be done in a few minutes.

You can use the App exactly the same way you do on your mobile phone.

Again, this is a workaround and not a Wyze cam app for PC.

Let's now talk about an alternative on how to watch Wyze Cam on PC which is using the software VLC to receive a direct stream from the camera using RTSP.

How to watch Wyze Cam on PC using RTSP

The first thing you need to do is learn how to enable RTSP on Wyze Cam, just read the article available on this blog to accomplish this task.

After installing the RTSP firmware follow the instructions:

Click Settings -> Advanced Settings -> RTSP

Check if the RTSP on the Wyze Cam is up to date.

Enable the RTSP feature and enter the username and password

Click “Generate URL

The RTSP URL is generated by the Wyze Cam (see example below).


The password you used during the setup is used as part of the RTSP URL.

Now you can use this URL to stream the video to the VLC software on your PC.

How to stream the video from Wyze Cam to PC

Install the VLC software on your PC (It's Free).

After the installation, please follow the process below:

Open the VLC software and click on "Media >> Open Network Stream..."

Testing RTSP using VLC

Input the RTSP URL generated by the Wyze Cam

Wyze Cam RTSP Setup on VLC

Click "Play" to start the video streaming to VLC software...

Wyze Cam RTSP video on VLC

And that's how you can watch Wyze Cam on PC

WARNING: There's a 7 ~10 seconds delay on the video streaming using RTSP 


You can have your Wyze Cam streaming to your PC or laptop in different ways.

The first option using the emulator looks more interesting because you can control the App the same way you do with the mobile phone.

Anyway, you can also use the RTSP protocol to just stream the video to the PC.

Choose the best way that works for you...

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