How to change Wyze Cam WiFi

If you want to learn how to change Wyze Cam Wifi to use it in another room or perhaps in another place, this article will help you out.

How to change Wyze Cam Wi Fi

The process is very simple, and you can have your Wyze Cam working with the new Wifi a matter of minutes. 

If you know how to connect Wyze cam to wifi it's easy to understand how to change it to a new network and connect it to a new router.

Here's how to change the Wyze Cam Wifi

Just start the process as if you were installing the camera for the first time.

Follow the steps:

1. Load the Wyze app on your mobile phone;

2. Log into your account;

3. Plug the USB cable to turn on the Wyze camera;

4. Hold the setup button for about 20 to 30 seconds until you hear the message "ready to connect";

5. On the Wyze App click on the dots on the top right corner;

6. Type "Add a product" and choose your Wyze Cam device.

7. Follow the installation instructions and choose the Wi-Fi Network 

8. Follow the installation instructions to read the QR Code.

Wyze Cam Reset Button

Press the setup/reset button

Wyze Cam Setup

Start the setup process

Wyze Cam WiFi

Choose your new WiFi network

Wyze Cam QR Code

Scan the QR Code

As you can see the steps are very simple, but be aware that the Wyze Cam doesn't work with on 5GHz Wi-Fi networks so you must use the 2.4GHz.

Don't worry, if you have a router that works with 5GHz network it also can operate on the 2.4GHz, you just need to enable it to work on both frequencies.

Here's how to change the WiFi Settings

Just in case you cant see the 2.4GHz network while trying to set up your Wyze Cam WiFi, log into your router and change the wireless configuration.

The picture below shows the wireless menu for a Linksys router

WiFi Settings

That menu should be different depending on the router you are using but you can find the "Network Mode" setup or something similar on any WiFi router.

Make sure you have more than one mode of operation such as Wireless A/B/G for example (A is for the 5.4GHz and B and G works with the 2.4GHz)

As long as you have your router configured like that you will be able to set up your Wyze Cam Wifi for a new network.

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If you can't make your camera work visit the official Wyze Cam website.

Video: How to set up the Wyze Cam

Just in case you need to remember how to set up the Wyze Cam, here the video...


And that's how to connect the Wyze cam to WiFi, no matter if you just got a brand new camera and is starting from scratch or are moving to a new place.

Good luck and enjoy your Wyze Cam.