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Wyze error code 7 how to fix

Wyze error code 07 (solved)

If you are facing the Wyze Can error code 07, this article is for you.You can see the error when the App pops us the following message. Error (code 07): Unknown. Please try again later. If the problem continues, please submit a feedback to us. Here I have the solution to this problem, so just […]

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Wyze cam network encryption type not supported

Wyze Cam Network Encryption Type Not Supported (solved)

In this article, I explain how to fix the “Network Encryption type not supported” error that shows up in the Wyze Cam when trying to connect to a network.Don’t worry; I will explain what the problem is and how to fix it.What causes the “Network Encryption type not supported” error message in the Wyze Cam?This […]

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Wyze Cam Settings Gear

Wyze Cam: No sound in recordings (solved)

Do you have a Wyze Cam with no sound in the recordings?Don’t worry; you can fix this problem with some simple steps.Most of the time, the Wyze no recording sounds issue is related to the record option toggle that people usually mistakenly disable, so you need to turn it on. Here are the steps to fix […]

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Wyze error 1001 on iOS

Wyze error code 1001 – Failed to update device list (solved)

If you got the “Failed to update device list (error code 1001) error message on your Wyze App, here I have a quick solution. Just keep reading…The error shows up on iPhone and sometimes on Android devices.Wyze Error 1001 on iOSWyze Error 1001 on AndroidYou may see this error message on iPhones, IPads with a similar […]

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Wyze Cam Night Vision Not Working

Wyze Cam error code list

Here’s  a list to help you to identify the Wyzer cam erros.By the end of this article you will find some related articles to solve the problems.Wyze Cam most common error list.Wyze error code 0 (for iOS devices): Internet connection failed.Wyze error code 2: Internet connection failed. Please check your network.Wyze error code 27: (for iOS […]

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Wyze Cam Error code 20

Wyze Cam error code 20 (solved)

You are using your Wyze app to watch your cameras, and all sudden, you get the message “Connection failed (error code :20)”. Let’s see how to fix this problem.The error randomly shows up in any Wyze Cam.How to fix the Wyze Cam Error code 20You need to check a few things to fix the problem; […]

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Wyze Cam Pan

Wyze Cam Pan Review (updated 2020)

This is a Wyze Cam Pan Review that can help you to understand what are the features available on this smart camera designed for home and small businesses.Wyze Cam PanDesigned by the Wyze Labs team, the Wyze Cam Pan is the successor of the Wyze Cam V2. It’s bigger and more interesting than its small […]

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Wyze Cam clicking sound

Wyze camera making clicking sound

If you have a concern about your Wyze camera making a clicking sound, rest assured because this is normal and won’t affect your device.The clicking sound comes from the ICR (Infrared Cutfilter Removal), which is a small film moving between the camera lens and the sensor. This filter improves the camera’s color during the day […]

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Wyze Cam Night Vision Not Working

Wyze cam night vision not working (solved)

If the Wyze cam night vision is not working, you can have some hard time trying to identify what’s happening in a dark place, so it’s essential to make sure this feature is working fine, and I will help you that problem.The Wyze Cam has some infrared LEDs that turn on during the nighttime to […]

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Angelcam multiple cameras

How to View Multiple Wyze Cameras at once (Real Scenario – No fluff)

If you have more than one Wyze Cam, perhaps you’ve been thinking about how to view multiple Wyze Cameras on a single screen using some software.There’s no fluff in this article; you can have access to information that will help you to get your cameras working in the software just like the one in the […]

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