How to Connect Wyze Smart Plug to WiFi

Ever heard of a smart plug? Seems that everything in our homes is becoming more intelligent. This article will teach you how to connect Wyze Smart Plug to WiFi.

What Are Smart Plugs?

Smart plugs are gadgets that connect to a regular outlet but allow users to turn the plug on and off through their phones. Thus it can be a helpful device, especially if you are worried if you left the curling iron on at home.

Anything that is plugged into the smart plug can be controlled remotely. For instance, a lamp can be turned on and off with the touch of a button. So if you are already in bed and your lamp is on, there is no need to get up.

The Wyze Smart Plug is an excellent choice for a smart plug for your home. Apart from self explanatorily easy to use, it is also highly affordable and can be used thoroughly throughout your home.

However, to be able to connect and control the plugs through your phone, the plug must connect to your local network. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to connect Wyze Smart Plug to WiFi and other tips.

Connect Wyze Smart Plug to App.

The connection process is relatively straightforward and follows the same logic as connecting any device to your WiFi. To begin, you will need the Wyze app downloaded on your phone.

Once you have the app set up and are logged in, you should see a button called “Add Devices” on the home screen. Then choose the “Power & Lightning” option from the menu.

After, you should locate the “Wyze Smart Plug” and select it. For the next steps, you should make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled. Now plug in your device to an outlet and watch as the LED light turns blue.

A blue light indicates that the device is ready to connect to the app. Wait as the app and the Wyze Smart Plug sync. The app will ask you to name your device when connected and paired. You can use something like “living room lamp” or whatever corresponds to what you will be using the plug with.

Once you pick a name, click on “Finish.” Now, you will be prompted to select the Wyze Smart Plug version. To find this information, look at the sticker on the device and input the information on the app. 

There should be a key icon if your device is a Wyze Smart Plug 2021 version. Thus, it is most likely a regular Wyze Smart Plug if you do not see a key.

Connect Wyze Smart Plug to WiFi.

Now that your plug is linked to the app and you are aware of what version you own, you can follow the steps below to connect Wyze Smart Plug to WiFi.

Wyze Smart Plugs 2021 version.

Start by plugging the device into an outlet, and wait for a confirmation blue light that should flash shortly after. Once you see it flash, click on “Next.”

Pick your WiFi network from the given list and put in your password before clicking “Next.” The connection should work automatically; you can name your plug before clicking on “Finish.”

Previous Wyze Smart Plugs Versions

The steps will differ slightly if you do not own the 2021 version of the Wyze Smart Plug. For previous versions of the device, follow these steps.

Plugin the smart plug into the outlet and look for the indicating blue light, which shows that the device is ready to pair. If you have waited a while and still do not see it, press and hold down the power button.

Now you will be prompted to select your local network and input its password. Click on “Next” when done. The app will establish a connection, and once it has been paired, the indicating blue light will turn off. After that, you can name your plug accordingly and then click on “Finish.”

Why is it not connecting?

At times you may encounter issues when trying to connect the Wyze Smart Plug to your home’s local network. It could be a range of issues that are occurring, and you must pay mind to them if you cannot connect the device properly.

Same Language

When trying to connect Wyze Smart Plug to WiFi, both devices have to be speaking the same language. You must have the phone you are using connected to the same network as the one you are connecting the device to.

Avoid using any cellular data, as it won’t work. Your phone and the device must be connected to the exact WiFi to establish a connection.

Internet On

If you are experiencing connection problems, make sure to check if your WiFi is even working in the first place. Searching things online on a web browser while connected to your network can quickly show you if you are connected or not.

If not, try rebooting your router to make it work once again. To do this, simply unplug the router, wait a minute, and then plug it back in. Wait as it reconnects and attempt to connect it again. 

Too Far Apart

Weak coverage will also bring up issues and keep the connection between the phone and the plug from happening. In this case, you have two options: bring the plug to the WiFi or the WiFi to the plug.

Investing in WiFi extenders can be a great asset to expand your home’s network coverage. Consider bringing the plug to an outlet closer to a router, as that is where the most vital signals are located.

Resetting Wyze Smart Plug

If you are unable to connect Wyze Smart Plug to WiFi, you might have to reset the gadget altogether. Moreover, if you change your home’s network, like its password, you will need to reset it too.

To reset the Wyze Smart Plug, start by pressing and holding down the power button, wait until you see the blue light flash, and then release it. Now you can set it up once again from scratch.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Wyze Smart Plugs are incredible investments. With their affordable prices, you can convert various regular everyday devices, and it allows you to turn them on or off remotely.

The setup process is simple and straightforward through the app. If you face issues trying to connect Wyze Smart Plug to WiFi, there are a couple of steps you can follow to avoid it from happening. Including moving your plug, extending your network, or rebooting the router.