Wyze Lock Keeps Jamming

A little extra security never hurt anyone, which makes the Wyze Smart Lock a must-have for homeowners. Yet, if your Wyze Lock keeps jamming, read this article for a quick fix.

This new addition to the Wyze brand provides your home with an extra layer of safety for an affordable price while still keeping the customer’s convenience in mind.

Nevertheless, it is not a perfect science, and your lock can jam at times, which can be frustrating for a user. But before you get upset, there are ways to fix your lock.

Because the lock does not identify the door, it will not properly lock. Below you will find common causes of this issue and how to solve them. Most times, the lock will get stuck due to software issues or an improper installation to your door.

Wyze Lock

Wyze Lock keeps jamming –Troubleshooting.

Jamming issues from your Wyze Lock are not uncommon and thus have quick and easy solutions that you can get done in a few minutes. To avoid these issues, always read the manual entirely and ensure you install it correctly.

These locking issues can occur due to glitches in the Wyze software or an incorrect installation of the lock. Let’s investigate these reasonings further:

Calibration of the Wyze software

The Wyze lock‘s settings which include auto-lock and calibration parameters, can be set incorrectly and keep the lock from closing entirely. 

This issue will need to be addressed through the settings part of the lock. Furthermore, if you believe this to be the issue, you will find troubleshooting options below. Try them before reaching out to Wyze’s customer support.

Adjusting the lock’s position

If the lock’s plate or deadbolt is misaligned, then it cannot physically lock as the two will not cross paths and will keep your door from locking. To activate the lock, the sensors must be lined up correctly.

Software solutions

If you believe your Wyze Lock keeps jamming due to a software problem like connectivity, bugs, glitches, or compatibility issues, check out the troubleshooting options below for suggestions on how to solve these problems.

Recalibrate the lock

By performing a calibration, your device can identify where the sensors are and get rid of any glitches that cause the errors with the auto-lock jamming.

Update the app

Your Wyze app needs to be updated to its latest versions to be able to improve the security and performance of your lock. Keeping your device and apps updated can keep these issues from happening.

Cycle the auto-lock feature

Open the lock’s settings on the Wyze app and disable and enable the auto-lock feature. This can help when your Wyze Lock keeps jamming.

Furthermore, you should also inspect the settings to ensure the auto-lock feature is enabled. Enter the settings, and toggle the auto-lock to on. 

Force quitting and restarting the app

If the Wyze app freezes and does not respond, your auto-lock feature will not be functional. Thus, you will need to force quit the app and open it again to check whether the issue has fixed itself.

Usually, software issues take little to no time to fix as they involve restarting or updating your devices and apps. But if your Wyze Lock keeps jamming after attempting the steps above, you might need to try adjusting the lock.

Adjusting the lock’s position solutions

If the lock continues to be jammed, the following methods can fix your lock in a matter of minutes. Check them out!

Deadbolt’s alignment

If the deadbolt is not aligned correctly, then it will not fit correctly into the plate and will jam your lock. So please take a look at the deadbolt’s path and ensure nothing keeps it from moving.

Battery replacement

If your Wyze Lock keeps jamming, it might have something to do with the batteries. Replacing them and keeping them up to date is always a must. You do not want the batteries to run out at the wrong time. 

The auto-lock is unable to function if your battery’s level is low or about to run out. Thus, check on the charge level and recharge them to make sure the feature will work properly.

Adjusting the strike plate

Much like the dead bold cannot have anything on its path, the strike plate is on the other end. It must be correctly aligned into its place to create a clean route for the deadbolt to lock properly.

Make sure there is nothing inside the plate. And if the lock continues to get stuck, you can widen the hole to remove any possible friction. To check if there is nothing there, manually lock it slowly and try to feel if there is any friction or obstacles in the way.

Wyze Lock

Final Thoughts

After going through the list above, your lock should be fixed. You can also take a look at the user guide or manual to make sure you followed the installation process perfectly.

Overall, if your Wyze Lock keeps jamming, there are plenty of easy solutions to resolve this problem. This, however, does not take away from this affordable addition to the Wyze lineup. 

Whether it needs a little adjusting or a couple of setting checks, the Wyze company made this lock incredibly useful and user-friendly. Plus, if you cannot fix the issue yourself, feel free to reach out to their customer service that can fix it for you.