Wyze Cam error code list

Here's  a list to help you to identify the Wyzer cam erros.

By the end of this article you will find some related articles to solve the problems.

Wyze Cam most common error list.

Wyze error code 0 (for iOS devices): Internet connection failed.

Wyze error code 2: Internet connection failed. Please check your network.

Wyze error code 27: (for iOS devices): Connection timed out.

Wyze error code 41: Network is unreachable, please review the network settings.

Wyze error code 42: Connection failed (error code 42). Please Connect your mobile device to a different WiFi network and try again.

Wyze error code 60: The Wyze Server is not responding to the camera request.

Wyze error code 90: Indicate that the device is offline, please make sure the Internet connection is working and there's no firewall blocking the ports.

==> For more information, read the article: Wyze error code 90 (how to fix).

Wyze error code 10003: Authentication failed or firmware operation failure.

Wyze error code 20002:  Maximum number of channels reached.

Wyze error code 20011:  Internet Connection timed out.