How to reset the Wyze Cam v2

You can reset the Wyze Cam V2 in less than 2 minutes and rolls it back to the default settings. In this article you will learn how to do that.

I usually delete the camera from the App and then execute the physical reset.

How do you reset a Wyze wireless camera

I've tested the reset process for version 2 but it also works with version 1, the only difference is that you need to hold the reset button for 30 seconds.

Wyze Cam V2 reset button

If you have version 1 just follow the same process described in this article.

See below the steps to reset the Wyze Cam V2

1. Delete the camera from the App

2. Observe the back LED. It should change from solid blue to blinking yellow

3. Remove the micro SD card from the slot

4. Press and hold the setup button on the bottom of the camera for 10 seconds.

5. Wait for the message "ready to connect"

After resetting the Wyze Cam, just start the setup process again.

See the pictures with the details...

At first, the LED is blue but still, for some reason the image is static...

How to reset the wyze cam v2 LED

Click the settings button at the right top of the App.

Wyze cam v2 settings

Click the DELETE button.

Wyze cam v2 app delete button

Observe that the LED changes to blinking yellow.

How to reset the wyze cam v2 yellow LED

Press and hold the reset button for 30s.

Wyze Cam V2 reset button

Start the setup process all over again.

Wyze cam v2 setup

Video: How to Reset the Wyze Cam V2

Here's a quick video that illustrates how to reset the camera

When is a Reset on a Wyze Cam Necessary?

When your Wyze Cam is non-responsive and you can't connect to it using your App you can consider to reset it to factory default and start all over.

Before resetting the camera just try to unplug it from the power source and wait for a few minutes, sometimes this works and you will have the camera working again. 

More information

You can also read the article with the Wyze Cam V2 Review available here in this blog and learn how to chose the Wyze Cam V2 SD card size and type.


The process to reset the Wyze Cam is very simple but if something goes wrong just visit the official Wyze Cam Website to ask for support.

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