IP cameras

Gmail settings for IP cameras

IP camera email settings for Gmail

In this article, I show the IP camera email settings for Gmail.You just need some basic information about the server address and port number.But it’s also important to understand how to adjust the security settings.Gmail SMTP Server settingsThe SMTP server is in charge to send emails and you only need to have the basic information […]

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IP camera connected to Ethernet cable

IP camera setup for dummies

This article is about an IP camera setup for dummies.If you want to learn how to set up your security cameras just keep reading…Don’t worry, the process is simple and you don’t need to be an expert.When I say the setup is for dummies, I mean I’ll teach you in such a simple way that […]

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IP camera sends email

How to set up an IP camera to send emails

In this article, I show how to set up an IP camera to send emails.The process is very simple and works with any model, so keep reading…Your IP camera can send emails to alert you when an event such as motion detection, audio detection, or Intelligent video analytics occurs. It’s possible to use your business email […]

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IP camera connected to laptop without Internet

How to connect CCTV camera to laptop without Internet

In this article, I teach how to connect CCTV camera to laptop without Internet.This is a common question among people that want a simple solution to view the camera directly on a laptop or PC and usually using an IP camera is the key. It’s important to understand that the term CCTV camera is more commonly […]

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Angelcam camera list (Updated on 2020)

 Here’s an Angelcam camera list of compatibility so you can connect your IP camera to this cloud platform. I’ve been testing new cameras and the list is updated.Before check the list it’s important to understand which protocols are used…Codecs and protocols used by AngelcamThe Angelcam platform support video camera stream encoded with the H.264 and […]

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Hikvision DVR port configuration

RTSP port number for cameras, DVRs and NVRs

Are you looking for the RTSP port number for cameras ? The RTSP number for cameras is 554. That’s the universal standard and if your device is following it you will be able to use this port. ==> To learn more, read the article: What is RTSP protocol for IP cameras Besides the fact that the […]

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Bird watching with security cameras

Bird watching with security cameras

Birds are such wonderful creatures. But with a drop of a needle, they fly away. So upgrade your bird watching with security cameras.There are many ways to do it, as well as capturing high-quality images of them flying too! You will be able to impress various of your friends that enjoy watching.Apart from that, they […]

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How to reset wyze cam v2

How to reset the Wyze Cam v2

You can reset the Wyze Cam V2 in less than 2 minutes and rolls it back to the default settings. In this article you will learn how to do that.I usually delete the camera from the App and then execute the physical reset.How do you reset a Wyze wireless cameraI’ve tested the reset process for […]

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Ubiquiti Radios

Wireless bridge for security cameras

Sometimes is necessary to send the signals from your IP cameras to a recorder or central station located far away and that’s where you can use a wireless bridge for security cameras.Wi-fi radios and wireless bridge for security cameras are very common on outdoor projects where is too hard to pull cables.It’s possible to power […]

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Security camera installer

Home Security Camera Buying Guide

Keeping an eye on your home inside and out is easier and hassle-free, especially if you have a home security camera buying guide to help you out.Modern technology has given us the means to make this possible. Because of the connected security cameras, you will be able to monitor your property, and your kids and […]

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