How to set up an IP camera to send emails

In this article, I show how to set up an IP camera to send emails.

The process is very simple and works with any model, so keep reading...

IP camera sends email

Your IP camera can send emails to alert you when an event such as motion detection, audio detection, or Intelligent video analytics occurs. 

It's possible to use your business email account or even the personal one with free services such as Gmail or Hotmail. 

You can login to your IP camera and set up the email in less than 5 minutes.

Let's get started.

The information the IP camera needs

To set up your IP camera to send emails you need to have your email information.

The camera will use the SMTP server to send the emails and you can use the same one that is being used by your outlook account (or any other software you use).

Here's an example of the information you need if you use a Gmail account:

SMTP server address:

Encryption type: SSL or TLS

Server port number: 25 or 465

Username (ID): your email

User password: your password

You can Google for the information if you are using a different email account.

How to set up the IP camera

The steps to set up the IP camera to send email are very simple

You just need to open the email setup menu and input the information.

See below an example for a professional IP camera Samsung SNB-8000.

Samsung SNB 8000 event menu

For this camera, the Email configuration is available on the Event menu.

The picture below shows the email configuration screen.

Samsung SNB 8000 email setup

As you can see, it's necessary to enter the Server Address, the ID (email), the password, port (465), and the rest of the information such as recipient and msg.

And that's all. Just click apply and the camera can test the email.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the network IP address configuration is correct.

Set up an inexpensive IP camera to send email

As you can see the steps are pretty simple to set up a professional security camera to send emails. Now let's see an example with a consumer inexpensive model.

For this example, I'm using the battery-powered Reolink Argus PT.

Here are the steps for the camera email setup:

1. Log into the Camera App;

2. Open the menu Email Alerts >> E-mail Settings;

3. Enter the email Sender and Recipient;

4. Select the type of email (text or picture);

5. Click the button to test the configuration;

6. Check your email inbox;

See below the email configuration details

Click the configuration icon on the top

Reolink Argus PT Configuration Gear

Select Email Alerts

Reolink Argus PT Email Alert Button

Click the button "Email Settings" 

Email Alerts

Enter  the Sender and Recipient

Email Sender and Recipient

Make sure you are using the correct SMTP server information.

Enter the Sender Information

Sender Information SMTP Server

Select the Email Server

Email Server Information

As you can see, the SMTP port is 465 which is the default for the Gmail server.

Enter the recipient information

Input the recipient emails

Email Recipient

Double-check everything.

Email configuration

Select the Email Content-Type

Email Type Picture or Text

Click the " Send Test email" button

Reolink Argus PT Email Test OK

Click the test button and check your mailbox.

Usually, it takes less than 2 minutes to receive the email.

Reolink test email confirmation message

And here I can see the email on my inbox. Pretty cool, huh?

Reolink Argus PT Email Alert

The camera sends the alert based on the motion that is detected by the sensor.


I hope you could learn how to set up an IP camera to send emails.

The process is really simple and anybody can do it.

Just make sure your network is working correctly and everything will be fine.

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