Reset Annke DVR

Annke DVR password reset (DTx, DNx, and N4x models)

The Annke DVR password reset method varies depending on the model you have. In this article, I show how to reset models using old firmware.This method was tested with the following models:DT41Y/DT61Y/DT81Y/DN41R/DN61R/DN81R/DT41GB/DT81GB/DT61GB/DT81DP/N48PI/N44PI/N46PI/N441Y/N481YIf you are trying to reset a new model, please read my other article.How to reset the Annke DVR with old firmwareIt’s necessary to […]

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How to reset Annke DVR and use default password

How to reset the Annke DVR (and use the default password)

In this article, I show how to reset the Annke DVR to recover from a lost password. The process is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes.After this procedure, you can use the device default credentials to log inThe Annke DVR default password and username are:Username: adminPassword: 123456How to reset the Annke DVR passwordThis […]

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Honeywell DVR reset

How to reset a Honeywell DVR (for lost password)

In this article, I explain how to reset a Honeywell DVR to the factory default settings. You can recover from a lost password in less than 5 minutes.The reset button is inside a small hole that is located close to the alarm connector (dry contacts) in the back part of the DVR as shown in […]

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How to reset wyze cam v2

How to reset the Wyze Cam v2

You can reset the Wyze Cam V2 in less than 2 minutes and rolls it back to the default settings. In this article you will learn how to do that.I usually delete the camera from the App and then execute the physical reset.How do you reset a Wyze wireless cameraI’ve tested the reset process for […]

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How to Reset H264 DVRs Password

How to reset H.264 Network DVR

Have you lost the H.264 DVR’s password and don’t know how to recover it?Some generic DVRs usually don’t even come with instructions on how to reset their passwords, but don’t worry, in this article you will learn how to reset H.264 network DVRs. So, keep reading..I will talk about some methods for h.264 network reset […]

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Swann Password Reset

Swann DVR password reset – series 4350 4500 4900 8050 8075 (easy)

If you lost the Swann DVR password, here you will learn how to reset the DVR by using a code (swann dvr mac address). You only need to use a mobile phone, tablet or computer and follow simple instructions.This is a Swann factory reset procedure that works for the models 4350, 4500, 4900, 8050 and […]

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