Annke DVR password reset (DTx, DNx, and N4x models)

The Annke DVR password reset method varies depending on the model you have. In this article, I show how to reset models using old firmware.

This method was tested with the following models:


If you are trying to reset a new model, please read my other article.

How to reset the Annke DVR with old firmware

It's necessary to get some information and send it to the Annke support team which will return a code to reset the DVR.

You need to get the device's date and serial number .

Here's the step-by-step to reset the DVR

  1. Click the top right corner of the screen to see the DVR date
  2. Click the top left corner of the screen to open the menu
  3. On the login menu click on the left bottom corner
  4. Get all the information and send it to the Annke support team
  5. Use the code supplied by the support team to reset the DVR

The Annke support team email is

You can also use the online form available on the website.

It's important to use the code on the same day you received from Annke because it's based on the actual date and it expires if you leave it for the next day.

The pictures below show the details of the reset process...

Get the DVR's date.

Annke DVR date and time

Click the Menu button

menu button

After click the "Menu" button a login screen pops up as shown below

Click the botton left corner to see the next screen with the serial number.

Annke DVR login screen

There's no button there... but as soon as you click the corner you see the screen.

That's the same screen you use to enter the code supplied by the support team.

serial number screen

And that's all. Now you can log in to your DVR again.

Annke reset screen code

Click OK and a screen pops up allowing you to enter a new password.

new password

And you get the message that everything is OK and the pasword was reset.

Annke DVR password reset

And that's all for the Annke DVR password reset.

Now you can log in to your DVR again.

Remember, this method works with DVRs using old firmware, if it doesn't work for you just read the article: How to reset the Annke DVR.

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