Swann DVR password reset – series 4350 4500 4900 8050 8075 (easy)

If you lost the Swann DVR password, here you will learn how to reset the DVR by using a code (swann dvr mac address). You only need to use a mobile phone, tablet or computer and follow simple instructions.

This is a Swann factory reset procedure that works for the models 4350, 4500, 4900, 8050 and 8075 and after the DVR reset you must create a new password of your choice. It's really easy, just keep reading...

Swann DVR Password reset

The reset procedure is very simple, you need to find a code and use it for the DVR reset, I will explain 3 different methods that work in few minutes, just be patient enough to read the article and you will reset your Swann DVR today.

If you have an old Swann DVR you can also check the article: How to reset H.264 DVR which has some information about use a method with jumper.

The code for Swann DVR password reset

There's no universal Swann DVR password, each device has a unique code that is related to internal network board. To tell the truth, it's not really a code, but a serial number used by every equipment that connects on a network.

You can use this code as type of Swann super password.

This serial number is the Swann DVR Mac Address and the DVR is designed to accept it as a reset code for lost passwords, So let's just find the code...

Understand what you are doing

I know you are here just to get the code and reset your Swann DVR, but, please just don't rush, a little bit of explanation is necessary due to the fact that the network where your DVR is installed can be different than mine. 

The 3 methods to find the MAC ADDRESS

OK, there are several methods to find the Swann DVR MAC ADDRESS, but I will show you the 3 easiest ones, so you get it quick without technical details. 

Swann technical support teaches you how to install their software to find the Swann MAC ADDRESS, but for the first method you don't even need it.

As Swann keeps calling the MAC Address a code, I will do the same just to make things simpler, so let's take a look at the methods.

Method 1: Find the code using a mobile or tablet

To be able to find the Swann DVR MAC Address, you must connect the DVR to the network. Use a network cable just like you see in the picture below:

On the DVR you will find a network port (1)  that is identical to router's (2)

Swann DVR cables connection

Your mobile must be connected to the Wi-Fi router to be able to see the devices on the local network. Take a look at the diagram below.

Network with DVR Wi-Fi and router

You just need to install an App on your mobile to scan the network and find your Swann DVR. The trick is look for the devices that are connected in the same network and to see their MAC ADDRESS and just pick the DVR's one.

Make sure your mobile is connected to the Wi-Fi

You must be 100% sure that your mobile is connected to the Wi-Fi router and not the cellphone carrier, so check if the little on the top of your mobile.


Mobile connected to  WiFi


Connected to the Carrier

How to connect your mobile to the WiFi router

OK, I'm sure that most of you readers know how to connect to the WiFi, network, but just in case, here are the instructions

Slide your finger on the screen

Slide your finger

Make sure the WiFi is ON

Wi-Fi Enabled

Just check if your WiFi is ON by looking at the icon at the left side. 

If it's grayed out, just click on WiFi icon to turn it on and then click the gear at the top right of the screen. 

Click Connections

WiFi connection

Make sure your WiFi is here

Mobile WiFi connection

Download the App Network Analyzer

Network analyzer is a Free App that can scan your network to find everything that is connected including your Swann DVR. It's a powerful tool. 

Open your PlayStore or Android Store and look for "Network Analyzer"

Just install the APP

Network Analyzer for Android

Click the left top icon

Network Analyzer Menu

Click "LAN SCAN"

Network Analyzer LAN Scan

Check Swann Mac Address

Look for Swann DVR Mac Address

That's all, now you have your CODE to type on the Swann DVR. 

The App will scan and show you all the devices on the network, so just make sure you found the DVR by looking at the name at the left. You should see something with Swann name. also make sure the code starts with bc:51:fe

Make sure to enter the code without the colons

Just type the Swann DVR mac address in your the DVR login screen and hit the "OK button". In this example the code is: bc51fe636c3b

Swann DVR Login Screen

--> You can also try the code without removing the double colon (:)


Method 2: Find the code using a computer

If your Swann DVR is connected on your network just like the diagram below, this method can work for you as long as you have a computer or laptop.

Laptop Swann DVR and Router

Guest what.... you computer, router and everything else in the network have also have their  own MAC ADDRESS. Your computer can ask your Swann DVR what is its Mac Address and you just need a simple command to see it. 


Type CMD at the search box at the bottom left of your laptop's screen.

The Command Prompt icon will show up, just click it to open the screen

Alternatively you can use the key combination Windows + R and type run in the windows that pops up

Windows plus R
Run command

Either way will work and you will something just like the image below:

This is the Windows Command Prompt. You can use it to send commands to the devices on the network and also do some technical stuff.

Command prompt

Don't worry, you just need to type a simple command to get the CODE. 

Just type the command  arp -a  in the command prompt and you will see a bunch of different numbers. Just look for the one that starts with bc:51:fe

Arp -a to find the Swann Mac Address

Just type the Swann DVR mac address in the DVR login screen and hit the "OK button". In this example the code is: bc51fe5f8af1

Make sure to enter the code without the colons

Swann DVR Login Screen


Method 3: Find the code using a software

Make sure the DVR cables are correctly connected

Just like we saw on method 2, make sure the cable connection are OK, 

Laptop Swann DVR and Router

Download the Swann's DVR software

You can also find the Swann DVR mac address by using the SDP software available in their website. Just click here to download 

Install the software

After download the software just click the file to begin the installation.

Click "Next"

Install 01

Choose English and Click "Next"

Install 02

Keep the destination, click "Next"

Install 03

Click "Install"

Install 04

Wait for the installation...

Install 05

Just click "Next"

Install 06

Click "Finish"

Install 07

Click "Allow access"

Install 08

Run the software and find the Swann DVR Mac Address (Code)

Run the software and see the Swann DVR Mac Address that you will use as the reset code. It's a pretty easy task you can do in just few seconds.

As long as your Swann DVR is correctly connected in the network as shown in the diagram, the software will automatically look for it. See the picture:

Swann software found 1 DVR

Swann software found the DVR (click to enlarge)

The software shows 1 DVR and all the information, you just need to scroll to the screen to the right to be able to see the Swann DVR Mac Address.

Swann software shows MAc Address

Swann Software shows the Mac Address (Click to enlarge)

Enter the Code in the Swann DVR login screen and your are done.

Just type the Swann DVR mac address into the DVR login screen and hit the "OK button".  In this example the code is: bc51fe5f8af1

Make sure to enter the code without the colons

Swann DVR Login Screen



The process to reset the DVRs is very simple. Remember that this will work only with the models 4350, 4500, 4900, 8050 and 8075. If you have a different model please check the documentation or ask for Swann support.

I'm not part of Swann's technical team and don't have any type of relationship with the manufacturer. I'm just helping people to solve their problem. 

You can consider the MAC Address as a Swan super password.

I hope this have been helpful to find the Swann DVR mac address that will work to reset your DVR. Please don't forget to share the information.

Leave your comment below and let me know if you have some suggestion or found any mistake in the article, I will be glad to improve it.

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