Wyze Camera Error Code 6 [ Quick Fix ]

Wyze Camera Error Code 6 can show up out of nowhere and prevent you from accessing the video feed and camera. Let’s learn how to fix it.

Usually, the error message says” Error (code 06).” Followed by the following statement, “Failed to fetch the video from cloud.” It continues to say, “Please try again later.” And alerts users that, “If the problem continues, please send in an error log through Help & Feedback.”

These errors cause users to have no access to seeing the camera and thus will also stop any playbacks. Thus making the camera useless, but you can fix it or try waiting for it to disappear on its own.

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The brand, Wyze, claims that the error code 6 can appear for various reasons. And there are a few ways to resolve these issues. Read on to find out how!

Fixing Wyze Camera Error Code 6

Though there is no specific way to fix the Wyze Error code 6, below, you will find suggestions on what you can do to help the Error disappear. But before trying a long process, you should check the following:

First check

Here is a list of things you should check before you move on to the solution.

Cable connection

Though it might sound silly, checking if the cables are all connected is crucial, especially if you have kids or furry friends in the house. Cables get tripped on, pulled, or even chewed. 

Check the power cables and the back of the camera. Ensure all cables are intact and connected to their designated place.

Internet connectivity

Your camera being connected to the internet at all times is much like humans needing air constantly. Thus, the connection to the internet must be not only constant but also stable.

Furthermore, the strength of the WiFi must be strong enough to reach the camera’s location. If the camera is too far from the router, it might experience problems that would not happen if the two were closer together.

Since an unstable signal can cause issues with the camera and its ability to communicate properly with the server, you must also be sure that your device has stability.

When launching the Wyze app, it is vital that your phone has a stable connection. If it is not connected to WiFi, then your cellular data must be strong and should not be disrupted.

Nevertheless, the app can crash if the connection is lacking, or the Wyze Camera Error Code 6 can appear.

Reinstalling the app

Another fast fix can be deleting and then installing the app to fix the Error. By doing this, you will download the latest version of the Wyze app from the app store, and it can help the issue disappear.

Camera firmware update

Firmware updates keep bugs out of your camera and keep issues from happening. Therefore, your camera should be updated to its latest version. 

On the Wyze app under Account, you can find Firmware Update and activate it by selecting Upgrade All. Just like that, your issue can vanish.

Wyze Camera Error Code 6 Solution

If the above has not fixed your Error yet, then follow the steps below to try to solve your issue.

First, you will need to remove your Wyze plus license from the camera through the app. It will be under License Settings; you just need to select and remove it once there.

You will then uninstall your Wyze camera and remove it entirely from your app. After you have done so, you will need to uninstall the app to remove any files that have been damaged or corrupted.

Once done, you can unplug your Wyze Base Station keeping it off for a few minutes to power cycle it. This restarts the software and fixes any issues automatically.

After a couple of minutes have gone by, plug in your Base Station to power it up and wait until it is on. Then plug the base into the Wyze camera, and the setup will initiate.

Download the Wyze app once again and launch it. Then follow the prompts shown to add the camera to the app. This is exactly what you did when the camera was brand new.

Now you will need to set up 12-second recording clips with motion activation. This will help test the camera and will only be done for a full day. If there are no issues with the recordings, you can move on to the following step.

Nevertheless, if the camera is not recording well, there might be another problem that has not been addressed. You will need to contact Wyze’s customer service.

Since you deactivated the Wyze plus license, you will now have to reactivate it. This is the last step to fix the Wyze Camera Error Code 6, so the error message should not appear after this. 

In the app, under License Settings, add the license. Now you are all done and should not reencounter issues.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of factors to check when you have a Wyze Camera Error Code 6, from WiFi stability and connection to a much-needed update. These factors can cause various kinds of errors in your camera.

If you have tried everything and the Error is still around, contact the company to see what can be done considering your situation. The Wyze team will assist you in the next steps you should take.