Learn CCTV

What are the types of CCTV cameras?

When looking for a family-friendly car, you are not going to drive off in a Lamborghini, are you? Or buy a small pizza for a party of 20. So when protecting your home what are the types of CCTV cameras that get the job done?Like workers in a factory, every camera has its job. So […]

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detecting a hidden camera

How to detect a hidden camera

The silent watcher sits and lurks in the corner. You might not even notice it there or who is behind it. But detecting a hidden camera can conserve your privacy.The thought of being watched daily can send chills down your spine. But it can be the reality of many people, who don’t even know it.It […]

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Can security cameras see in the dark

Can security cameras see in the dark?  

Cameras are great at capturing details in high quality and even helping authority identify suspects. However, what happens when the sun goes down? Do cameras lose their superpowers? Or can security cameras see in the dark?Think of a camera like a superhero. It is no help if they can’t fight at night. I mean lame! […]

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Public invasion of privacy

Are security cameras an invasion of privacy?

In our homes, we cover up the computer cameras to have our privacy, but publicly, there are thousands of videos of us. This makes us start wondering, whether or not security cameras are a serious invasion of privacy to all of us.Privacy, or the state of being free from being observed or disturbed by other […]

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PTZ camera coaxial control

PTZ camera coaxial control (how to set up)

PTZ camera coaxial control is very useful if you are using analog cameras.Nowadays it’s easier to control a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera using IP protocol, but in the past with analog cameras extra cables were necessary.CCTV professionals that work with traditional analog systems need to understand How to connect a PTZ camera to a […]

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How to wire IP cameras with a switch

How to wire PoE cameras

If you want to learn how to wire PoE cameras, you are in the right place.There are different ways to power up an IP camera using Power over Ethernet and I will teach you all of them in this article, so just keep reading…Just to make sure we are on the same page, I assume […]

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cctv security camera for surveillance

The importance of security systems

Security camera systems have gained popularity in today’s modern world, so in this article, I will talk about the importance of security systems  to protect properties and people you love. Just keep reading…With the high rate of crimes involving burglaries and break-ins, technology has found a way to keep our homes, properties, and our family […]

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curious man looking through a jalousie

Can my neighbor point a security camera at my property?

So your neighbor has a new surveillance system and you are concerned with the question, can my neighbor point a security camera at my property?This is a very common question which bothers people whose neighbors have security cameras. And the answer may vary according to the place you live.The security camera legalityWe must know the […]

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Can I Have Security Cameras In My House

Can I Have Security Cameras In My House?

Some people keep asking me the question “can I have security camera in my house?” and that’s a common concern, especially if you are not the only one  living in the place and want to make sure you are not doing something illegal.The answer to this question is, yes you can have security cameras in […]

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How Far Can A Security Camera See

How Far Can A Security Camera See (Learn How to Use a Calculator)

If your concern is how far can a security camera see, you must understand a little bit about camera’s field of view (FoV), resolution, and distance. Knowing how far your security camera can see will give you an idea with regards to where and how you can better set up your surveillance system. Therefore, leaving no blind […]

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