What are the types of CCTV cameras?

When looking for a family-friendly car, you are not going to drive off in a Lamborghini, are you? Or buy a small pizza for a party of 20. So when protecting your home what are the types of CCTV cameras that get the job done?

Like workers in a factory, every camera has its job. So before you buy a dozen, you should know their purpose and what they should be used for.

Keep in mind that in the world of today, there are dozens of high tech cameras with pretty price tags. Instead of buying what you do not need and will not use, learn what is right for you.

Just like people, there are various types of CCTV cameras. Small, large, different shapes and sizes! Therefore, you must decide what the best fit is for you.

They all have their strengths and weaknesses that also need to be addressed before you make your purchase.

Types of CCTV cameras

Types of CCTV cameras

Like you have your name, so do cameras. Here is a list of the types of CCTV cameras we will be going over in this post.

  • Dome
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Wireless
  • Bullet
  • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ)
  • C-Mount
  • Infrared

Warning: Other cameras might be described by features they contain such as a "high-quality" camera. Cameras like this can be a dome or a bullet, however, is marketed as high-quality. 

Dome CCTV Cameras

Named from its dome shape, this is a very common type of camera found almost anywhere. In which the camera sits inside the dome and can sometimes move where it looks.

Due to its shape, it can sometimes be hard to tell where it is pointing and is very discreet. Therefore they can catch some burglars here and there!

Though they might not be able to see every angle, some companies have come out with 360 degrees of viewing so you can always keep an eye on things.

Its dome is also hard to temper with and sometimes does the trick of deterring anyone who attempts to come near it.

With the sleek design, it can fit almost anywhere with no hassle. Apart from that, it is suitable for both using inside and outside. 

Usually used in shops and other locations such as malls, hotels, bars, and restaurants. This is because of their wider angle design.

This allows you to best monitor the premises and can cover great angles in a room. Which is what an owner looks for in a camera.

Additionally, they are quite simple to install and usually come with great features such as infrared capacity and high-resolution filming. 

When purchasing one is hard to go wrong. Out of all the types of CCTV cameras, the dome is widely known by a lot of people.

Indoor Cameras

As given away by the name, this is the camera that is going to keep your house safe from the inside. They are widely known to be used to monitor houses on a daily basis.

Marketing in this area is usually pretty clear. Such as the Nest Indoor and Nest Indoor IQ cameras. These types of CCTV cameras are to be used indoors only as they can get damaged outside.

Outdoor Cameras

These types of CCTV cameras are usually placed in entries or exits to stores or homes to protect them and keep track of who is coming in and out.

They can usually combat some wind and dirt, however, they are not fully equipped to stay in the rain as it will usually create water damage.

Also equipped with infrared lights for better nightly vision and to vividly detail objects in the dark. Additionally, most connect to your phone, allowing you to view footage anywhere at any time.

Some of our suggestions for outdoor cameras include the Nest Outdoors or the Nest Outdoors IQ.

Wireless CCTV Cameras

These cameras are the easiest ones to set up. Out the box, connected to WiFi and you are pretty much done!

Apart from that, they are usually small and pretty tidy, so you will not have a bunch of cables to wire around the area.

They can be installed anywhere from houses to your office desk to churches. Discrete and a simple appearance make them less spottable too.

Another notable feature is that you can see the footage anywhere and store it too. Therefore, you have it with you at all times you wish.

Due to their design, they blend in very easily and are sometimes available in an array of colors. And can also be used as a baby monitor or to see who steals your pens at the office.

They do not require knowledge of cameras to install and can be great for the elderly as they are a great way to keep an eye on what is going on and if they need help.

Overall they are extremely convenient and low maintenance too!

Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet cameras are one of the types of CCTV cameras

Though their shape is iconic, they are usually obvious to spot. However, they make up a lot more in other areas other than visibility.

Their cylindrical shape allows them to observe and record footage for long distances and are usually lace outdoors.

Most bullet cameras are in a protective shield called a housing or junction box that was made to protect them from any weather.

This includes water, dirt, dust, insects, and any other element that can damage the camera. Therefore, they are locked inside of a box to be protected.

Though they are not great if you want to be discreet, they do act as a deterrent as they are highly visible and can end up scaring some burglars off.

Additionally, they are good at long-distance recording and overcome challenging environments and elements.

Usually mounted using a mounting bracket and can have different types of lenses. They can either be fixed or varifocal.

Their size also helps when installing and are adaptive to indoors and outdoors. Apart from that they also provide high qualities of footage.

They are effective whether on a residence or store and can secure the premises well. They are a good and reliable sort of camera.

Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras

Also referred to as the PTZ cameras, they give you complete control of footage. Out of all the types of CCTV cameras, this one is one of the most interactive ones.

By messing around you can pan the camera right and left, tilt it up and down, and even zoom in and out. therefore, you have gained total control over the camera itself.

This can be a great way to monitor a hallway or store aisle as monitoring the live footage can easily find an issue or a shoplifter.

The zoom gives you the chance to zoom in closely on subjects and even identify faces. Apart from that, the tilting and panning features gives the camera 360-degree access.

Having full control is an amazing feature that the PTZ cameras provide and they also have a vivid resolution so you can identify facial features too!

The zoom feature also allows the camera to auto focus so you do not have to worry about a blurry image either. As well as an automatic rotation feature you can try out.

From all the types of CCTV cameras, the PTZ is the best one for remote viewing as it allows you to control the footage in a larger area.

They can be used for businesses and retail stores. As well as for museums and galleries to protect valuable. This type of camera is not usually used in residences.

Even when not being controlled, one PTZ does more than a couple of static cameras that do not pan, tilt, or zoom whatsoever.

C-Mount CCTV Cameras

The C-Mount cameras are perfect for who likes to adapt their cameras for different fields of vision and distances.

This particular type of camera has detachable lenses that can be switched to increase the distance of footage they reach.

Just like the bullet cameras, C-Mount are the types of CCTV cameras that are bulky. Therefore, they act as a deterrent to thiefs  and burglars

They can also extend beyond 40 feet distance and if weatherproofed, can be used outdoors. The camera can also survive some cold environments in a casing.

Whether you are observing the road in front of your house or your backyard from an upstairs window, the C-Mount camera is ideal.

They are also very popular in the industries, usually utilities and manufacturing, due to the camera's resistance to extreme temperatures.

Additionally, the lenses allow a quick change to another view and area coverage. Almost as if the camera changed to another!

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras

Can security cameras see in the dark

Whether day or night, these cameras can capture vivid detail and imaging without a hassle. 

Regardless of the amount to light they receive, they are able to operate in the dark. Whether they have no sunlight or no light at all they pull it off.

With clear recording in low light, you can place these inside buildings and homes where you want to capture night time footage.

Whether is to be safe in your home or to know who steals the food from the fridge at the office, the lack of light does not stop them at all.

These types of CCTV cameras are adaptable to their environment and can work both in the day and at night. Though the color will be black and white when it has low levels of light.

The camera can also be cased in, if it is outside, to protect from any water damage or dust. Apart from that, they work with the environment they are given.

Perfect for anyone who wants around the clock monitoring of their property, residence, or office. 

These cameras use infrared lights to record in poorly lit or pitch-black conditions by illuminating their surrounding with the LEDs. 

However, during the day you will have a perfectly normal camera that records in color. But in the dark, they are able to pick up fog, dust, and even the presence of smoke.

They are reliable to people who need monitoring in the dark and can be at risk of burglars and criminals such as bank vaults, farms, and other businesses.

Bottom line

When choosing among the types of CCTV cameras, you will have plenty to choose from. However, you should always research if it is the best fit for you.

There are various types of cameras with different features, shapes, and sizes. Overall, a lot to explore and look for.