Nest indoor camera review

Easy to install, great set of features and incredible prices for what you are getting. You are going to love the Nest indoor camera, so read all about it.

You might think you need an electrician to pass cables through your walls, and someone to adjust all the cameras to a DVR.

But it all gets easier with cameras like these. These are what you would call consumer cameras.

Meaning they are easier to use and made for consumers like you to just install and have it on the go with features such as live video.

These cameras focus on meeting your needs to monitor a place in your house, therefore, they have an abundance of features you will love.

Let's take a look at the list.


  • 24/7 live video
  • Get alerts on your phone
  • Data security
  • Free app
  • Built-in microphone
  • Infrared night vision
  • 130-degree view
  • Zoom into details
  • 2-way audio
  • Optional cloud recording
  • Simple and quick set up
  • Wall mounting available
  • Plug

1080P HD security camera with easy setup​.

It woks in dark environment and sends alerts to a smartphone

Has two-way audio feature for easy communication

4.4 of 5 Stars

With so many features, you can't possibly go wrong. The Nest indoor camera has everything you need to monitor and report right back to you.

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Pros and cons:


  • Easy setup
  • Good video quality


  • Expensive subscription plans



With no batteries, you do not have to worry about your camera turning off because the batteries died. However, if the power goes out you won't be able to use it.

That can be good, however, you may want a camera that has both the batteries and a plug so the camera has a backup at all times.

Two- way audio

Cameras like this take your worry off your shoulders. You can see who is inside your house, monitor workers or even say a quick "Hi!" to your kids when they get home from school.

Nestcam mic

Source: Nest Website

With this incredible feature, you can hear what is going on around the camera, and you can also talk to anyone that is near it.

This feature is quite common among consumer cameras for the communication it brings to the table. Therefore, you will find this feature in numerous cameras.

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The Nest camera listens in for any crashes, or loud sounds. Since you cannot always be watching the live video, it warns you if it picks up any suspicious sounds.

If it does pick up a boom, crash or the sound of something breaking it will send you an email or alert with an image of the event, so you can quickly know where it is.

If you miss an alert for whatever reason, you can see photos from the last 3 hours of activity in the app to find out what is going on.

Nest thoroughly thought about what to include in their camera. This feature is extremely useful especially since it could mean a burglar is breaking in or your child fell.


The Nest indoor camera can identify people from objects. Therefore, it can alert you when it genuinely matters. Nest has two types of alerts.

Nestcam mobile app

Source: Nest Website

The first one is person alerts, meaning it will alert you every time someone is present in the room your camera is in. 

You might want to turn this feature off if you are throwing a party or if you know that a lot of people move around your house every day, as it might turn into too many alerts.

The second feature is the activity zones. Know when someone is entering the door, or most importantly guard the cookie jar.

Apart from being able to save all the moments you want, Nest also lets you download and share clips with anyone.

 And just to add some can make footage into a mini timelapse film!

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Set up possibilities

The Nest camera is quick and easy to install, it only requires you to plug it in and set it up by connecting to your phone

The stands and possibilities are endless. It works on all surfaces and all homes. Which makes it even better as it can go anywhere.


You can set it down anywhere flat, such as a bookshelf or a desk. This is the easiest of all the setups as you just have to find a flat surface.


The Nest cam has a built-in magnet, therefore, you can stick it to any magnetic place, such as on top of the fridge or any other metal you can find.


Using the wall plate, you can attach your Nest Cam to the wall safely, additionally, you can clip the wire to the wall plate to keep it in place, no hassle attached!


Though not included, it can be purchased separately. Just simply screw it into the camera, and wrap the legs around surfaces. 

This can be useful for any exposed pipes that can be used to install the cameras or any other place that you could not use the other setups for.

Also, remember that you can just use the tripod in a flat surface to make it higher so you can have a better view.

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Nest aware

Nest offers three plans for continuous recording of what has been going on in the past days. The three plans are all at a reasonable price.

The first plan includes 5 days of continuous recording, intelligent alerts, clips and time-lapses, and activity zones that you can create.

The cost is $5 a month, however, if you pay for the year, Nest will give you a discount of $10. So, instead of paying $60 you will pay $50 for the year.

The second plan gives you a 10-day history of continuous recordings and also includes intelligent alerts, clips and time-lapses, and activity zones.

Nest charges $10 a month, however, if you want to save $20 they offer a discount if you pay $100 a year and do not have to worry about payments.

If you want the biggest plan, Nest has a 30-day video history that continuously records video.

Like the other plans, it also includes intelligent alerts, clips and time-lapses, and activity zones.

It is the pricier plan, coming in at $30 a month. It costs $300 a year instead of $360, saving you $60 a year, which is pretty good for a yearly plan, considering what it includes.



The Nest Cam Indoor has a resolution of 1080p, which is a great image quality to offer consumers.

This camera has a great ability in recognition and with this resolution, it is sure to help identify anyone that might break into your home.

Dimensions and weight

The camera is 4.5 inches tall and has a length of 2.8 inches. The camera lens has a diameter of 2.3 inches.

The camera is very light-weight, which can make it easy to knock over. It only weighs 7.1oz.


This specific model only comes in the color black, which can be easy to blend in the house.


This camera has multiple languages for its app, which includes English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian.

Operating temperature

The camera is not prepared for such extreme weather since it is an indoor camera. But it can handle a bit of temperature.

The Nest Cam Indoor can handle 32°–104°F or 0°–40°C. Which is a pretty good range of temperatures.

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How to connect your camera to the Nest app

Before you begin

  • Do not mount your camera before connecting it to make it easier for you.
  • Make sure your WiFi is working properly
  • Your phone should be connected to the WiFi you are going to connect to the camera
  • Download the Nest app


  • Start by turning on WiFi and bluetooth
  • Open up the app and make an account
  • Then tap "new" on your on the home screen
  • Scan the camera's QR code and then name it, you can also "continue without scanning" and input the serial number into the app. While you are at it, write down the numbers as they will be useful if anything happens with the camera.
  • Plug in your camera, and it will automatically start looking for WiFi, then choose yours.
  • Lastly, check if you can see what the camera is pointing at through the app. If yes, then you are ready to mount it.

Activating Nest aware

You’ll automatically start a free Nest Aware trial after you’ve finished setup with the app. However, to purchase it you have to go into the Nest website.

Your subscription will start right after the free trial ends, so they do give you the plan plus the free days you get by purchasing the camera.

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This is a pretty good camera for a consumer, it has great images, and affordable prices on their plans.

Their features are great for identifying any disturbances that the house may have, it also alerts you if any loud noises or people are walking around.

This can be both a great camera to monitor a house on a day to day basis, but it can also be great for when you are traveling.

This is a very good and recommended camera.