The importance of security systems

Security camera systems have gained popularity in today’s modern world, so in this article, I will talk about the importance of security systems  to protect properties and people you love. Just keep reading...

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With the high rate of crimes involving burglaries and break-ins, technology has found a way to keep our homes, properties, and our family safe. 

But here is still these questions that lurk in our minds: Do we need security systems? How important are they?

There are different security systems and they are essential to protect people and properties.

Security systems are important to secure your business and your home

If you are a businessman, then it is naturally the first step to securing your business establishment. I mean, installing a security system will serve as a monitoring system for you, especially if you close shop and go home. 

Having a security system is part of the security tips for small businesses I used to talk about often. You need to make sure the place you work is safe and secure.

You can find experts in this area; companies such as the Protec Alarm, based in TX, are engaged in different types of security systems for every situation.

You can still monitor your establishment even if you are at home. They are hence assuring you that it is, more or less, safe.

Protecting Your Home and Family

Protect your home from intruders

One of the reasons why security systems are critical is to protect your home and your family. Security systems protect the members of your family from burglars and intruders. In typical situations, the mere presence of a security system would ward off burglars and intruders.

masked burglar with flashlight

However, there are instances when, even though there are people inside the house, burglars still intrude and find ways to get into the house and get what they can. Though we see scenarios like this in the movie, it also happens in real life, too. 

And sometimes it becomes tragic. This is what happens when burglars are surprised to find that the house they have broken into is occupied. It might trigger them to behave aggressively. Therefore, resulting in drastic and tragic results.

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Protection from fire

Security systems do not only protect your family and homes from intruders. Installing a security system can also protect them from fire.

There are security systems that come with smoke detection features. This means the security systems can sense if there is smoke, which might mean there is fire.

It sends out alerts, therefore making the family get out of the house and go to a safer place in case there is a real fire in the house.

Alerts are sent out to proper authorities, making them respond right away to the scene to prevent more damage on the property.

Protection from carbon monoxide poisoning

Yes, carbon monoxide poisoning is possible in the home, too. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless gas which come from combustion fumes.

We have heaters, stoves, and other appliances which give out fumes. These are carbon monoxides. Not only that, charcoal and burning wood fumes are carbon monoxides, too.

Carbon monoxide poisoning may be detected with the use of carbon monoxide detectors. They look like smoke detectors, which may be purchased together with a home security system package.

They work like smoke detectors, too. Severe carbon monoxide poisoning may lead to death. With a sensor in the home, you can get out of the house immediately once the alarm sets off and seek medical help.

Usually, when the carbon monoxide detector sets off an alarm, it alerts medical responders and paramedics. So they can respond to the affected area right away.

They are, therefore, able to give medical assistance and treatment to the people affected with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Protecting your valuables

We inevitably acquire valuables as we go through life.

It's important to have a security system in place to protect them.

Valuables might mean pieces of jewelry, expensive paintings, cash, gadgets, antique collection, family heirlooms, relevant documents, and many more.

thief stealing valuables from safe

We consider these things as essential to us. They represent our hardships and sacrifices, as we become successful in life.

These are usually targets of burglars. Therefore, if we have these things in our homes, this is another reason why we must install a security system in our homes.

Managing electricity in the home

Yes, security systems may be used to manage electricity usage in your homes.

This can be included in the list of the importance of security systems.

There are times when we forget to turn off light in the hallway, or the front porch, etc. Or security systems may be utilized to turn it off for us, remotely.

Yes, you read it right. Remotely. In other words, even if you are no longer in the house, this may still be done with the help of our security systems.

Lowers Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies offer discounts on insurance premiums depending on different factors and conditions, and you definitely need insurance, right?

That is when you protect your property, and it is important to have a security system that the insurance company must be aware of. 

You will get lower insurance premiums for it because insurance companies offer discounts on premiums of property insurance with security systems.

Home insurance premiums may be expensive. It covers private homes and possessions therein damaged by fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Although generally, damage due to flood does not cover it, you may get a separate premium for flood insurance. Thus making it more expensive. This is where an installed security system can help.

Provide Medical Help When Needed

Medical help is one of the main concerns of households today. Especially if you have an elderly parent or a child with a unique condition or needs in your home. 

Security systems come with life sensors. And also, there are security systems which are equipped with a medical alert button.

They have a cord or a button which you can pull or press to alert medical responders or the EMS team. This way, medical assistance will be given to those who need it fast. Thanks to security systems and modern technology.

Monitoring your home

Don’t get me wrong. You might have a crazy idea about the “other people” thing. This means you can have other people monitor your home while you are away.

For instance, you have a business or urgent matters to attend to out of town. You can get the services of security surveillance/monitoring companies to watch over your house for you, via your security system.

This is one of the biggest perks a security system can provide homeowners with. Modern technology is instrumental in this innovation. 

So, even if you are far from your home, you will still have that knowledge and confidence that your house is secure and safe.

Modern security systems also have features like the ability to turn your home’s lights on and off, regulating the heater, monitoring water and electricity.

And all those cool stuff that we usually do as part of our daily routine. These are added security features that modern-day security systems can provide us with.

Protecting Your Business

Security systems started with business establishments. Majority of business establishments are equipped with security systems. This is to monitor the establishments 24/7.

Protecting Business Assets from Theft

This is not only applicable to burglars. It may also apply to employees who “steal” from your business. Especially with stores and supermarkets.

In some cases, the reason for the decrease in-store inventory is theft by its employees and staff. This is the reason why security systems are installed inside and outside business establishment buildings.

Protecting Your Employees and Staff

Security systems provide a safe working environment for your business. 

Some businesses operate even I odd hours. Security systems can help employees feel safe and secure despite the odd hours.

This is the time when burglars usually break into business establishments. 

With security systems present, they will have second thoughts before committing the crime. Therefore securing your workers inside.

Security systems are also an assurance that no harm will befall your workers as they are monitored continuously in case of accidents in the area. This is for their welfare and safety.

Gives You Focus

Knowing that a dependable security system is in place, you no longer have to worry about your home and business that much. 

This way, you can focus your thoughts on something else and be more productive. 

This will enable you to do more things and generate positive results.

As you will have peace of mind, knowing that your home, your family, and your business are safe and secure. Peace of mind can do wonders to a person’s personality, and can significantly affect his or her life positively.

Provide for Home Automation

This feature of security systems might not be that common yet, but it is becoming quite popular. 

It cannot be denied that most modern homes are running on automation. I mean artificial intelligence is playing a big part in most household functions and routine. 

Some security systems are equipped with features which can enable home automation. Meaning, you can turn off the lights if you forgot to do so, check on the faucet in the bathroom in case somebody forgot to turn it off, regulate the heater or your room air conditioning system.

And other daily “routine” that we sometimes forget to do especially if we hurriedly left the house.

In Closing

Other people think that security systems are just additional expenses for the household. That they are only for the “rich and famous” as they are too expensive.

Let us correct this misconception. There are cheaper but dependable security system brands today. 

Make sure you understand the importance of security systems.

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