Home Security Camera Buying Guide

Keeping an eye on your home inside and out is easier and hassle-free, especially if you have a home security camera buying guide to help you out.

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Modern technology has given us the means to make this possible. Because of the connected security cameras, you will be able to monitor your property, and your kids and pets, while you are away.

The security camera sends you alerts, video clips, and even live videos while you are away. Making remote monitoring possible through your smartphones, inside and out. Is easier and hassle-free.

Security camera sends alert to mobile phone

Home security cameras allow you to set them up by your self. It is sort of a do-it-yourself thing. This means no more additional fees for installation and monitoring because you do the monitoring 24/7.

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However, you still have the option of getting the services of professionals if you will feel safer this way.

Because of technology, wireless security cameras are becoming more affordable, making it accessible to almost everybody.

There are these devices such as doorbells which double up as a security camera for your front door. In other words, it is sort of a video doorbell.

You will be able to see who is at your front door once he or she rings the doorbell.

If you have this installed, then there will be no need for you to get a wireless security camera for your front door. Besides, video doorbells offer a steady stream of power as it runs on low-voltage wiring, just like any other traditional doorbells.

Choose the correct security camera brand

However, you need to be careful and meticulous when choosing a wireless home security camera. There are brands that do not deliver the features they claim to have. So it is best to opt for reputable brands.

Home security camera brands

Though they might be a little expensive than other brands, you will still be saving more in the long run as they are more durable and reliable than the cheaper, unknown brands.

This is not meant to discourage you from getting a home security camera. Or feel that wireless security cameras are not as safe as we think them to be.

They still can give us the security we need and make us feel safe.

The only thing is, be careful and make sure you choose a reliable brand with features that will suit your needs and meet your specifications.

With a lot of models and wireless home security cameras available in the market, it might be a little confusing to think about what to get for your home security.

Allow us to help you decide. Read on and find out some tips and other information about these devices to help you with your decision making.

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Testing Home Security Cameras

A comprehensive testing methodology provides expertise on testing devices like security cameras, televisions, and other connected devices.

The testing process is focused on the quality of video security cameras can provide, its ability to send notifications and alerts, and all those other important features and functions of wireless home security cameras and video doorbells. 

These factors are important in helping prospective users choose the right security camera system and/or video doorbell to satisfy their needs. Therefore making their experience with the product a positive one.

Video quality  for home security cameras

Video quality tests are conducted with the help of a make-believe room.

But it comes complete with pieces of furniture, mannequins to represent people, and other things to make it look like a real room.

Here the video quality of security cameras is tested, using low light and enough light, or too much brightness. In other words, video quality is tested during the night (dark) and day (light). The night vision capability of the security camera (and video doorbell) is also tested here.

Engineers focus on the weak spots of the products to test their limitations. Among the other features tested aside from the video quality are their software, lens, and sensors for motion detection.

Lighting  for home security cameras

Different effects are added to the room being tested to represent real-life scenarios, making the testing environment as realistic as possible.

This will determine if the security cameras can detect and identify intruders, regardless of the lighting and weather or climate condition. The results of the tests are delivered in individual video-quality scores for every product tested.

Smart features

Smart features are also carefully assessed. Every aspect or smart feature of the product is put to a test, to check its capabilities and other features like voice control, facial recognition, alerts via smartphones, two-way audio, and many more.

These features are then focused on CR’s Smart IQ score for smart home devices. This will allow you to compare it with other devices, thus helping with your decision-making.


The data privacy feature of the wireless security camera is also tested because it may be used indoors. The public documentation of the product being tested is checked. Especially its privacy policies.

A hacker can get into your security camera

This shows how the manufacturers handle your data. Included in the test are UI and network traffic, its compatibility with smartphone apps to ensure that it is encrypted. Also that it does not share your data and conforms with manufacturer policies.

The results of these individual tests are then computed and presented in the Overall Scores. This is the final result which most prospective buyers consult to see which product performs best.

Home Security Camera Types

The two main types of home security cameras are:

Video Doorbells

These are actually security cameras that just doubles up as a doorbell. Video doorbells run on low voltage wiring. Others are battery-operated, which need recharging every now and then or battery replacements.

Video doorbells are capable of sending videos and alerts to your smartphone. This happens when somebody rings the doorbell or when motion is detected.

It also features two-way audio which allows you to chat with whoever is ringing the doorbell – even when you are away. Most models need Cloud subscription for storage. 

But there are other models that come with a memory card slot for video storage.


  • Power is provided by traditional doorbell wiring
  • Possible to answer remotely
  • Talk to the visitor via smartphone


  • Do not work with existing doorbell chime
  • Thick walls may affect WiFi connection
  • Cloud storage requires expensive monthly fees

Wireless Security Cameras

Security cameras may either be wireless or “not so” wireless. The latter is such because it needs to be plugged into an outlet.

Still others function by using rechargeable battery power. These ones are those which are truly wireless. Most security cameras need a Cloud subscription for storage. But still, others have a memory card slot where you can store videos. Cloud subscription charge you with monthly fees for storage.


  • Flexible installation in any part of the home
  • Weatherproof models available
  • Send alerts based on motion detection


  • Requires expensive Cloud subscription for storage
  • Monthly fees are required for some smart features

Choosing Your Home Security Camera

There are several factors which you must consider when choosing a security camera for your home. And here are some of these factors.

Camera Type

Choose the type of camera which will suit your needs and preferences. Among the things you need to think about is the area where you want to install it.

Should you install it inside or outdoors? For indoor use, there is not much problem with the type you choose. For outdoor use, however, you need to get one which is weatherproof.

Consider climate changes and other forces of nature like dust and grime, rain, etc. which can affect the performance and functionality of your security system.

Decide if you want a security camera or a video doorbell. Learn about the details of each product so you will have an idea about its limits, features, and other important details. Just remember to make sure that the device is weatherproof if you plan to use it outdoors.

Power Source Choice

Choice number one: Hardwired cameras and video doorbells do not need to be recharged. So Battery or power supply is not a problem. However, you may encounter problems with its installation as it will have limited placement because of the wires.

Choice number two: Battery-powered security wireless cameras and video doorbells. Now these ones have no limitations to its placement. 

You can install them just about anywhere. Flexibility is their key feature. However, battery life must be monitored as they need to be recharged periodically.


There are two options for storage when talking about these devices. Either storage is through Cloud subscription or via a memory card.

Yes, there are security cameras that provide you with these options. If you opt for the memory card, then you will get more savings. 

However, if you opt for Cloud storage, prepare to shell out a certain amount monthly as a subscription for your Cloud storage. We suggest you compare Cloud subscription charges first before deciding on which Cloud subscription to opt for.


Now this is a very important factor to consider. Find out how the manufacturer handles your data. Make sure that no data sharing happens.

Once your personal data is mishandled by the manufacturers, it may pose a threat to your security and safety.


Whatever type of security camera and video doorbells you might choose, make sure you have familiarized your self with the tips and other information given in this post. Make sure that you get what you need, and what will satisfy your preferences. This way, you will be assured of safety and security in your home.

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