Security tips for small businesses

Security tips for small businesses are pretty valuable since most entrepreneurs can't afford the risk of losing data, or important assets. 

If that's your case, don't look any further. In this article, I will list the most important tips you can put in practice to protect your small business.

Security tips for Small Businesses

==> By the end of this article, you can have access to an infographic with a summary of all security tips for small businesses.

Your small business at risk

You certainly don't want to have your small business as a victim to theft and fraud that can lead you to some kind of struggle to keep everything running.

It doesn't matter how big is your business, you are always at risk and if you don't pay attention to this problem it will make you pay a higher price later.

Let's take a look at some statistics about small businesses...

Retailers shoplifting

The ​Hayes International Annual Retail Theft Survey shows that there are around $18 billion in retail losses annually due to shoplifting.

If you run a small business, probably these numbers will scare you. Did you know that  $25,000 to $33,000 are lost every minute to shoplifters?

Employee theft statistics

According to CNBC, the Statistic Brain reported that employee theft is a crime that costs $50 billion a year for businesses in the United States.

Obviously,  it's not possible to completely avoid such crimes from happening, but you can take some measures such as the implementation of security cameras, access control systems, backups, and data protection.

confidential information

Information is also something valuable that must be protected!

Security Tips For Small Businesses 

OK, now it's time to talk about the tips to protect your small business.

Make sure you understand them and follow the ones that are most appropriate for your case. Please keep in mind that all of them are important.

Use Security Cameras

You definitely need to install security cameras in your small business. 

This is very common and everybody is doing that, so you have to join the club!

There are hundreds of security camera kits for small business available in the market and they are all  becoming cheaper every year. So, you just need to get one. 

Burglars usually think twice (or more) before trying to break-in a home or office when they see that security cameras are protecting the property.

==> Before deciding which security camera you need, please read the article How to Choose The Best Security Cameras for Small Business.

Use Lightning Systems

When people with bad intentions approaches your home or small business at night time, they don't expect to be noticed and lightning systems are their worst enemy.

As a security tip for your business, I recommend you installing cameras or sensors that can turn on lights as soon as motion or sound are detected.

Some security cameras have this kind of feature available.

Most of the time a burglar get scared when a light turns on because he/she assumes that somebody is monitoring his/her activities.

Protect the Entrances/Exits 

This tip to secure your small business is very important and you should take it seriously. Entrances and exits can become a liability.

You can protect your small business by limiting the total number of entrances available to the property with strict control of everyone who enters or exists the place. That's a great way to protect your premises.

This tip also applies to employees entrances that can be used as a way to get into the building, so don't leave any entrance unprotected. 

Take Care of Trees and Bushes

Just keep the trees and bushes trimmed, to avoid criminals having a place to hide and wait for the best moment to act.

Of course, you can keep your beautiful garden, you don't need to get rid of every tree or bush you see around, but make sure you trim the ones that matter.

Use Alarm Systems

It's a good idea installing alarm systems and warning signs in some locations around the property since this helps to deter crimes.

Burglars hate alarm systems and security cameras and they always think twice before trying to break-in into your house or small business.

So, consider this tip as one of the most important to protect your small business.

Schedule the Backups

The data is very important for a business, so don't take any risk and secure your data with regular backups. You can even automate this process.

Keep in mind that sometimes protect your small business data could be more important than protecting physical assets.

You can invest in devices and systems that prevent data from being lost or stolen.

Key Management

Chances are your small business have different rooms and entrances you have to take care of, right? So it's important  to have a proper key management system.

You need to track who are using the keys. It doesn't matter if you have just a few employees. Protecting your small business is very important, so investing in devices and system for key management is the right thing to do.

Lock the Windows

If you don't want any surprises just make sure the windows are locked before you leave the building. Your alarm system verifies if they are closed but not locked.

A locked window can prevent somebody from coming into your place.

Online Security Tips For Small Businesses 

It's important to take care of your business online security, so here are some tips to help you keep your data safe.

Use encrypted messages

Don't take risks when sending important information to somebody.

You can protect your data from hackers and curious people by using a system that encrypt your messages. This procedure is very important for a small business. 

Use strong passwords

Passwords are important for everything. You need them to access your email, your bank account and your alarm system. Passwords are everywhere.

Use strong passwords and don't share them with people. Some systems allow you to create a second password for guests and employees, so take advantage of them.

You may also use strong passwords and avoid using names, dates and other information that can be easily guessed. 

Using words from a dictionary as a password is not a good idea since hackers can use a technique that combines words from the dictionary to guess a password.

Act quickly when something happens

If something comes up, act quickly and respond to the incident.

You don't want problems with your small business, so the best way to act is to take action as soon as something happens. If there's a break-in, access to your account or other things related to security act upon it right away.

Protect your small business Wi-Fi network

Internet access and Wi-Fi is important for every business and your is not different.

Just make sure your router is secure and the Wi-Fi is used only by the authorized people. You can have a strong password for you and a second password for guests.

Invest in Internet routers that allow you to create different profiles, so you can have strict control over your Wi-Fi with a profile for employees and guests.

Security Tips For Small Businesses Infographic

After reading these security tips for small business you have enough information to better protect your assets and data. Please review each one of these tips.

To help you out with this process you can read the Keyper System infographic.

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The statics show that a huge number of businesses are affected by some sort of insecurity issues every year. So it's important to keep your business safe.

These security tips for small business are effective if you take action.

Please make an effort to read the article and  put all the tips in practice, check the products I talked about and visit the Keyper System website.

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