Wyze camera not responding to Alexa

All of sudden you got your Wyze camera not responding to Alexa.

You may be wondering why that happened since everything was working fine.

Wyze Camera not responding to Alexa

Don't worry, if your Wyze Cam isn't responding to Alexa when you try to use devices such as Echo dot, Echo Show or Firestick I have a quick solution...

Why the Wyze Camera is not responding to Alexa?

There are different scenarios for this problem...

Maybe you just upgraded your Wyze Cam with new firmware.

Or perhaps you deleted the camera from Alexa Skills. 

Changing the camera name also could cause the problem.

Anyway, I got a similar problem when trying to show my camera on TV.

And the fast fix to this problem was to delete and add the camera on Alexa.

Let's see how to do that...

How to solve the problem

I have an Amazon Firestick 4K connected to my TV.

When trying to show my Wyze Cam (Kitchen) on TV I got a message...

"The skill linked to kitchen is not enabled, please enable the skill to control this device"

I checked the Alexa App and my kitchen camera was there....

Wyze Cam Enabled on Alexa

Everything was good, the camera was enabled...

I restarted my Firestick and tried again but got the same message:

"The skill linked to kitchen is not enabled, please enable the skill to control this device"

I was like... "what's wrong with this ?

"Why my Wyze camera is not responding to Alexa?

And then I just deleted the camera from Alexa and started all over again...

And it worked. Now I have my Wyze Cam working with the Firestick.

You can do the same, just delete it and add it back to the Alexa.

It's something related to security updates and authentication.

Just in case you don't know how to do that, here are is the step-by-step process...

How to delete/add the Wyze Camera to Alexa

Here's the quick step-by-step to add the Wyze Camera to Alexa:

Install the Amazon Alexa App on your phone.

Alexa App Installed on Mobile Phone

On the bottom right, click on " Devices"  

Alexa App Devices

In the next screen click on "cameras"

Devices on Alexa App

Choose the camera and click on the delete icon.

Delete the camera

Confirm you want to delete the camera.

Delete message confirmation

You can see a message confirming the camera was deleted.

Camera deletion confirmation

Time to add the Wyze cam back to the App, click the "+" sign.

Add a new device

Click Add Device...

Add device to Alexa

Choose the camera.

Choose the type of device

Follow the instructions and click continue.

Conect Wyze Cam to Alexa

Enter your credentials to authenticate and you are done.

Wyze Cam Authentication

Yes, now it's time to try again and see if your Wyze camera is responding to Alexa.

Just in case you need extra help visit the Wyze Cam Forum.

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