Wyze Cam on Fire Stick (step-by-step)

Want to have your Wyze Cam on Fire stick ? Don't look any further.

In this article, I explain in detail how to set up your Wyze Cam on Fire stick so you can use a simple command such as "Hey Alexa, show front door ".

Since version 2, the Wyze Cam can streaming video to Alexa devices that have a screen such as the Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire Tablets and Fire stick.

Due to a hardware limitation, the Wyze Cam v1 can't work with Alexa devices.

I assume you already have a fire stick connected to your TV.

Make sure your Wyze Cam is compatible

Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan are compatible with Alexa devices, to make sure your Wyze Cam is from the 2nd generation, look at the label under the camera.

There's an indication that shows the camera version.

How to set up Wyze cam on fire stick

OK, the setup is very simple, you just need to make your Wyze camera talk to Alexa by adding a skill and if your Fire stick is connected to a TV it will be able to have access to the camera and show the video stream when asked.

You can use your Wyze Cam v2 or Wyze Cam Pan. Wyze Cam v1 does not work. 

Make sure to upgrade your Wyze Cam with the latest firmware, you can find them on the Wyze Cam website. The upgrade process is very simple.

Here's the step-by-step on how to set up the Wyze Cam on Fire stick

1. Set up the Wyze Cam on Wyze App;

Choose a friendly name for each camera you want to connect to Fire stick.

Wyze Cam Friendly Name

Use a friendly name for the camera

2. Upgrade the Wyze Cam firmware;

You must upgrade the camera firmware to make it work with Alexa devices.

Wyze Cam configuration button

Click the gear on the top right corner

Wyze Cam Device Info

Click on "Device Info"

Firmware is up to date

3. Enable Wyze Skill on Alexa

Make sure you have the Alexa App installed and open it up for configuration.

Open Alexa App

Click the top left icon to open the menu

Click the icon at the top left

Look for "Skills & Games" and click on it

Alexa Skill and Games

Enable the Wyze Skill

Enable the Wyze Skill

Authenticate your Wyze account to sync it with Alexa.

Wyze Cam Authentication

After the authentication, Amazon Alexa and Wyze will be linked.

Akexa linked to Wyze Account

Discover the Wyze Cam

The Wyze Cam can be discovered by the Alexa system and will be ready to work with your Fire stick, just click the button on Alexa to discover the devices.

Alexa discover devices

Just wait for a while so Alexa can find your Wyze camera.

Alexa looking for devices

And here you go, the camera was found and is ready to be used.

Alexa found camera

Using the Fire stick with Wyze Cam

Congratulations, now you can use your Fire stick to ask Alexa do show the Wyze Camera on your TV.  Pretty good huh ?

Press the Fire stick mic icon and ask "Alexa show kitchen cam"

Obviously, you are going to use your camera name. Here is mine...

Wyze Cam on TV using Firestick

Extra information

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