How to uninstall Dahua security camera web plugin

In this article, I explain how to uninstall the Dahua security camera web plugin. 

You probably know that a security camera uses a web plugin as a component to manage dynamic content such as video, lines, squares, and other shapes used to set up motion detection, video analytics, and whatnot.

When you login into the camera for the first time, it offers the web plugin installation, and you just need to follow an installation wizard, and guess what? There's a similar process to uninstall the web plugin from a security camera. 

If you are facing some issue with your Dahua camera and need to remove the web plugin, this article can help you; please follow the instructions.

How to uninstall the Dahua plugin

Follow the steps below to remove the Dahua web plugin from your computer.

  • Open the file explorer;
  • Go to This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Program File;
  • Locate the webrec directory (folder);
  • Open the folder and subfolder in this directory;
  • Run the uninstall file;
  • Remove the webrec directory.

And it's done.

Now you can reinstall the new version of the plugin.

The following pictures show the web plugin uninstall details.

- Open the file manager and open the webrec foder

Program files

- Double-click the file to run the uninstall program.

Dahua plugin uninstall

- Confirm you want to uninstall the plugin.

Dahua plugin uninstall confirmation

- Remove the plugin folder.

Remove plugin folder

That's easy, isn't it?

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