Dahua Account Has Been Locked (Quick Fix)

Sometimes when you are configuring your Dahua camera and you get the message "The Account Has Been Locked" here I have a solution to this problem.

Dahua Account Has Been Locked

The camera or recorder locks the account because there are too many attempts to log in to the device. That's a security measure to avoid people to hack into your camera trying to guess what the password is.

The message error also shows up as "account it blacklisted" in some Dahua DVRs and OEM DVRs is also possible to see a messsage "User is in black list".

Dahua Account in the black list

Usually, you can just wait for 30 minutes and you will have the chance to try to login to the camera again, but you don't want to wait, do you?

The quick solution for this problem

The quick way to fix the problem with this error is to reboot the camera.

That's it, pretty simple and straightforward. This solution also works for other brands that have the Dahua hardware (OEM products).

Here a list of other products that could be affected for such a problem.

Activecam, Advidia, Amcrest, Ameta, Ascendent, Backstreet Surveillance, BV Security, CCTV Security Pros, CP Plus, Dax,Networks, ELine, Eastern CCTV (ENS), Expose, Lorex, GSS, Honeywell, IC Realtime, Ikegami, Impath Networks, Intelbras, Inaxsys, IndigoVision, Infinity CCTV, Innekt, KBVision, Lumixen, Maxron, Montavue, Oco, Optiview, Panasonic, People Fu, Rhodium, RVI, Saxco, Security Camera King, Space Technology, Speco, ToughDog, Tyco Holis, Tyco Illustra Essentials, Unisight, VIP Vision, Watchnet, Winic and Zuum.

More problem with the locked account

OK, you follow the procedure to reboot your camera, and then all of a sudden you got the message "The Account Has Been Locked" again.

So, what is going on here?

Well, sometimes you have a device in the network that is actively trying to login to your camera, DVR or NVR and that can lock the account all over again if the password is not correct and the device keeps trying and trying.

The diagram below shows an example of this problem.

Dahua the account has been locked problem

As you can see there's an NVR sending the password to the camera constantly and as soon as you reboot the camera, the NVR tries to use a wrong password several times and locks the camera again.

The same is true if you have your camera connected to a router or switch and a computer or mobile device is also trying to log in to the camera.

To solve this problem, you need to isolate the camera, reboot it, and change the password accordingly so when you install it back to the network, everything works as expected.

And that's all you have to do. Simple, huh?

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