Dahua master password (calculator)

There's a Dahua master password you can use for your camera.

Dahua Master Password

Just in case your IP camera or recorder is locked and you don't any idea how to recover the admin password, here is an alternative.

The calculator works for some models but not for all of them so it's up to you at least try it out and see what happens. So let's dive into this topic...

The Dahua backdoor password

Sometimes you lose the device's password. This is a common problem and it should be a way to gain access back to the camera or whatever equipment you have. 

The way you can reset the password depends on the camera manufacturer.

There are some Dahua DVRs with a reset button, but not all of them come with it.

IP cameras also can have reset buttons, reset tool, or master password that is created using an algorithm and some information from the specific camera.

This is the case for some models of Dahua IP cameras and DVRs.

You can just use a calculation to find out what is the master password.

Dahua password calculator

OK, you need the camera date and some math to make it work.

Here's the formula for the master password calculation

There's a way to calculate what is the master password for Dahua cameras.

You need to get the date from your Dahua camera and use it.

Here's the formula:

8888 x day x month x year (only the last 2 digits)

Now, just use the number 888888 as the user and the last 6 digits from the calculation as the master password.

For example, today is March 02 2020. Input the date in the formula like this:

8888 x 2 x 5 x 20  =  1777600 so the password is 777600

Now, you just need to input in your camera: User 888888 Password 777600

And that's basically the way it works for some models, you just need to try it out.

This trick works with old models such as the Dahua 8CH Tribrid 1080P DVR.

On the 3rd generation DVRs, the master password doesn't work.


You can use the Dahua master password for some old devices even without the need to use its serial number for such calculation.

This a big problem because this backdoor can lead hackers to get into devices by only using the date which is information everybody has.

Extra information

Here are some extra information about Dahua DVRs and cameras:

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