Security Camera Installation Labor Cost

In this article, I talk about security camera installation labor cost which is the main concern for a lot of people that intend to have a security camera system in place.

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Installing a security camera nowadays is almost a necessity to avoid unwanted situations, which may be dangerous. We all know how these security cameras work, but do we know much about installation? 

How much does security camera installation cost? Read on to find out.

There are different factors that can affect the camera installation labor cost, but as a quick reference, the average cost for security camera installation in the US is around $150 to $250 per camera and a 4-channel system average installation cost is $1,500 which includes the security system kit and installation material.

The price could also be reduced if you can install the cameras yourself.

If you live in another country, the labor cost could be different, but usually not more than the rate charged in the US. Keep reading to learn more...

The DIY Security Camera Installation Model

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. Yes, you got that right! You can install your security cameras. There are hundreds of various videos available on YouTube and other media platforms wherein you will learn how to install the cameras properly.

Security camera installer

In the DIY installation, you won't have to pay for labor costs at all.

You will only have to purchase the cameras itself and the system that you would need for installation. Read the article about how to choose the best outdoor security camera or the article about the best wireless security cameras if you want to purchase your kit for DIY installation.

There are manuals included in the camera packages, but it is better to watch videos on how to do the installation properly. You may also seek help from friends or family who are familiar with installing security cameras.

==> To learn more about installing security camera yourself, read the article: DIY home security camera system installation

Average Cost for Security Camera Installation in the USA

The average cost of security camera installation in the US is $1,500.

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This cost vary depending on several different factors such as the number of cameras, the type of installation, setup and the technology level of the system. 

If you hire a security camera installer or electrician with basic skills, you can pay around $200 per camera installation (only the service fee).

On the other hand, if you hire a professional security camera installer to install an advanced and expensive IP security system that requires extra skills for setup, you can expend up to $4,000 for a system with 4 to 8 cameras.

Yes, the installation costs can vary a lot since there is basic and advanced security camera system in the market and the professional that deal with such systems have different knowledge and skills that sometimes takes years to master.

Security camera installation labor cost for homes and small businesses

There are different types of security systems you can buy for your home or small business, let's keep this simple and consider 2 types: Analog and IP systems.

Analog security camera system

OK, if you want to have security cameras installed in your home or small office, you can hire certified installers that charge for the camera installation, running cables, and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) setup.

Most people usually buy an analog security camera system that comes with 4 cameras, the Digital Video Recorder, cables, and connectors. 

If that's your case, prepare to pay around $150 to $200 per camera for the labor.

The picture below shows an example of an analog security camera system with 4 cameras, a Digital Video Recorder and the Hard Drive to keep the footage.

Zosi Kit with 4 cameras and DVR

Security camera KIT (analog)

A security camera kit like this costs around $160 and you also need to buy coaxial cables and connectors at an average price of $30 per camera (up to 150 feet). So the total price for the kit with cables and connectors is around $280.

Coaxial cable for security cameras

Coax cable for security cameras

As you can see the security camera kit itself can cost less than the labor for installation and setup since the installer can charge you up to $800 for the 4 camera installation and setup, so your total cost for everything is around $1080.  

Of course, the costs can vary a little bit depending on the location, extra material such as screws, electrical tape, tie wrap, etc. But overall for less than $1,200 you can have a 4-channel analog security system installed.

IP security camera system

There are also digital systems with IP cameras and NVR (Network Video Recorders) that cost a little bit more and require some extra computer network skills from the installers. So, in this case, you can expect to pay around $200 to $250 per camera installation and setup.

A 4-cameras IP wireless security camera system with a recorder and hard drive costs around $200 in the Amazon Store.

Some IP security systems use a Wi-Fi network, so you don't need to buy cables for the installation since the communication is wireless.

For a system like this, you practically expend some money with labor costs and minor accessories such as screws and other stuff that the installers usually have in their toolbox and don't even charge you for that.

In this scenario, the total cost is around $200 for the Kit and $1000 for the installation and setup (considering the installer charges you the higher price).

You are paying around $1,200 to have a 4-channel IP security camera system installed in your home or small office, which is similar to the price you would pay for the analog security system I talked about previously.

How to estimate the costs for your region

Prices for service varies according to the location and for security camera installation is the same, so depending on the city you live the labor costs can be higher or lower. The good news is that you can use a site for a price estimation.

Estimation price

Just visit the How Much website and enter your city to have an estimated price.

Note that in cities such as New York, Philadelphia and San Jose the rate is higher than other cities such as Miami, Denver, and Phoenix.

You are going to pay more if you live in some cities unless you buy and install the security cameras yourself (which is not that hard).

That's the reason I recommend you to invest in a security camera system that is easy for DIY installation such as the ones listed in the Home Security Camera Buying Guide which are cameras that don't require technical skills for installation.

Cameras that are easy to install by yourself

Are you interested in installing the cameras yourself?

So I recommend you to read the following articles...


You can hire a professional security camera installer that can do all the job for you (and charge a higher price) or hire an electrician to mount the camera and run the cables if you are brave enough to take care of the setup yourself.

There's also the option to work with a DIY system installation as long as you are comfortable with the cameras and recorder setup.

It's up to you how you are going to handle the security system installation, just make sure you are not trying to save some money while doing a poor installation.

If you choose the DIY approach, go for the easiest plug and play cameras.

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