iVMS-4500 error codes (troubleshooting)

The Hikvision iVMS-4500 app allows users to connect to the devices remotely.

If you are facing some issues with this app, please look at the table below.

iVMS-4500 error code list

Here I list the common iVMS-4500 error codes and the solution for the problem.

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iVMS-4500 error

Possible reasons


error code 1

  • Wrong Username or password.
  • Double-check the username and password and enter the credentials again.

error code 4

  • This error is related to the wrong channel number on the device
  • Unhide the channel on the DVR or NVR.

error code 7

  • The device is offline due to network failure or connection timeout.
  • Check your Internet connection and the device configuration to make sure it's using the correct network information.

error code 9

  • No data received from the device.
  • Check your network for poor Internet connection and tmeouts.

error code 10

  • There's a timeout while receiving data from the device.
  • Check the network for poor connection, low bandwidth and timeouts.

error code 43

  • The device is using an invalid IP address or domain name.
  •  The IP address or port number used for the HiDDNS is not correct.
  • Double-check the IP address and domain name.
  • Double-check the IP address and port number for the HiDDNS.

error code 47

  • The user was not found
  • Update the iVMS-4500 to the lastest version or use Hik-connect with a remote domain configuration.

error code 55

  • Unauthorized IP address. There's a limitation to access the device.

  • Check in Security configuration and look for IP address filters.

error code 56

  • MAC addresses login limitation is enabled.
  • Check the security and change the MAC address limitation.

error code 73

  • Port forwarding missconfiguration.
  • Check the router Port forwarding configuration or enable the Hik-connect .

error code 153

  • The device is locked due to too many consecutives wrong login attempts.
  • The device is automatically unlocked after 30 minutes or you can reload it to speed up the process.

error code 8200

  • Encryption error
  • Disable encryption on the device to test it out and later look for the cause of error.

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These iVMS-4500 error codes and related articles can help you to solve the problem with your Hikvision IP cameras, DVRs, and NVRs.

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