Is Wyze Cam waterproof ? (warning)

Is Wyze Cam waterproof ?

I bet this question came to your mind when you got your camera, right ?

Wyze Cam Waterproof

Unfortunately, the Wyze Cam is not waterproof because it was designed to work indoors and has no protection against water or dust from the outdoor environment.

However, you can use a weatherproof case for your Wyze cam...

That sounds interesting, doesn't it ?

How to make the Wyze Cam waterproof

Wyze Cam is NOT waterproof but you can use a water-resistant housing.

Wait a minute... is the housing water-resistant or waterproof ?

Most of Wyze Cam housing available for sale are water-resistant.

The picture below is from a model available on Amazon...

Wyze Cam Water Resistant Case

Water-Resistant Wyze Cam Housing

Weatherproof equipment follows a standard such as the IP65 rating.

This means the equipment is protected against dust and water from direct rain.

This is not the case for the housing from the previous picture !

There is other IP (Ingress Protection) classification, but IP65 is good enough.

Buy a water-resistant housing for your Wyze Cam

It's easy to find professional security cameras with such a standard, but this is not true for Wyze Cam because it's a cheap device and people don't want to spend too much with expensive protective camera housings.

You can buy a Wyze Cam waterproof case (A.K.A housing) but most of the time they are NOT IP65 rated.

Anyway, you can buy some of them that have good reviews such as the one you see in the picture below which has thousands of user reviews (most are good).

That's the way I make my decisions, based on good reviews...

I would buy a housing like this one even it's not IP65 rated.

I know there's a certain level of risk but c'mon... it's a $25 camera and I certainly would take the risk and buy this housing for it.

It's important to understand the housing limitation and preferably install the camera under some kind of extra protection such as an under-roof installation.

Some people also use silicon to seal the cable slot and that's a good idea.

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