How to install Dahua plugin in a web browser

In this article, I show you how to install the Dahua plugin in a web browser.

Internet Explorer Active X and SilverLight

IP cameras use the dynamic features of a web browser. For that reason, it's necessary to install a plugin to open the live camera feed and video analytics.

The same is true with DVR and NVRs from different manufacturers.

Let's take a look at how to install browser plugin for Dahua cameras and recorders.

Web browser plugins

There are different web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Each one of them can work with dynamic content if the appropriate plugin or technology is used.

Dahua plugin for Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer web browser uses the Active X plugin or Silverlight to handle dynamic content; this plugin doesn't work for other browsers.

Depending on the Dahua model you have, it may be necessary to install the Active X plugin, and you can do that by following the steps below.

Adjust the Internet Explorer settings

You need to install the Active X plugin for the Dahua camera. However, you first need to adjust some settings to make it work correctly.

Open the Internet Explorer, click the gear icon and then click on "Internet options".

Internet Explorer Option

Click the "Trusted sites" icon and then click the button "sites.

Internet Explorer Trusted sites

Insert the IP of your Dahua camera as a trusted site.

The picture below shows how to do that.

Internet Explorer Trusted sites added Dahua camera

You should also click on "Custom Level" and make sure the browser allows the use of the Active X plugin, as shown in the picture below.

Internet Explorer Active X Controls

Now, when you open the Dahua camera via Internet Explorer, a message shows up asking you to install the ActiveX plugin, click allow to continue.

Active X installation for Dahua Cameras

The next step is to type the camera IP address in the web browser, and the camera will be ready to accept the credentials for the login.

Internet Explorer Dahua IP camera access

Sometimes a message "Please install plugins first!" shows up.

Dahua camera message install plugin first

If that's the case, please just install the plugin to continue.

How to use Dahua with Google Chrome

I know Google Chrome is the most popular web browser, and you probably want to use it to access your Dahua camera, right?

Some time ago, the Internet Explorer was the only web browser compatible with IP cameras and recorders, but now you can use them with other browsers.

If that's what you want, please update your camera, DVR, or NVR to the last version. That should do the trick and allow you to use the Google Chrome browser.

Cameras and devices with new firmware may be compatible with Google Chrome.

If you need extra help, please visit the Dahua Oficial Website.

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