How adt security system works

If you are willing to install an alarm system to protect your home, you may consider some well-known security companies such as ADT, VivintSimplisafe, and Frontpoint.

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In this article, I talk about how the ADT security system works.

You can visit the ADT portal to figure out what system is better for you, then just place your order and schedule a visit for the system installation.

ADT security system installation

There is a two-hour window for the ADT technicians to arrive at your home. Somebody will call you to alert you if they can't make it on time.

Make sure you will be home during the job because it's necessary to discuss some essential installation details, and you will have people walking around your house for several hours.

How long does ADT take to install a security system?

The time spent for an ADT security system installation varies case by case. It could take around 1.5 hours for a standard wireless security system or 3 to 6 hours to install a wired system which requires a lot of extra work.

That's just a basic estimation for most cases. The installation takes a long time in a larger environment, depending on the number of sensors, cameras, and automation required.

It's always a good idea to schedule the visit in the morning to avoid surprises with an installation that takes a long time. The two-hour window interval gets more complicated in the afternoon due to traffic and other appointments.

What equipment is installed by ADT?

The equipment installed by the ADT technician varies according to the security system you want to have.

Here's a list of some essential equipment installed by ADT.

  • Control panel/keypad: This device controls your home security system. You can use a keypad to arm/disarm the alarm and control the automation.
  • Door and window sensors: Battery-operated protect your door and windows by alerting when they are open.
  • Motion sensors: These devices protect your house's exterior areas and interior hallways by alerting when people are crossing them. They are pet-friendly and can avoid false alarms for pets up to 60 lbs.
  • Fire safety sensors:  The sensors are designed to work with your fire alarm for faster detection and alert of an event.
  • Indoor/Outdoor cameras:  Allow you to view, monitor, and talk to people inside or outside your home. The camera models installed outdoor are prepared to work under severe weather conditions.
  • Doorbell camera: You can have a doorbell camera installed in front or back of the house to protect the property and communicate with people who arrive at your door.
  • Keychain remote: You can use this device to easily arm/disarm your alarm system.
  • ADT Yard Sign: Works as a crime deterrent by warning that your home is monitored and protected by this security company.

How the ADT security system works

You can activate your ADT alarm system as Away or Stay mode; either way, as soon as the system is active, it can recognize a violation of the zones such as window or door opened or a sensor motion detection.

The alarm system communicates with the ADT monitoring center by transmitting a signal via a landline connection or wireless signal (cellular).

Dispatchers on the monitoring center can act upon the event and follow the protocols to avoid a possible robbery by calling the house's owner and the local authorities.

If the alarm is accidentally triggered, you can avoid having the police come to your house by justifying the mistake to the dispatcher on the phone, who will make a report about the false alarm.


Now you know how the ADT security system works and can request an installation that meets your needs. But remember, you can also take a look at other companies such as VivintSimplisafe, and Frontpoint to compare systems and prices.

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