ADT camera not recording clips (solved)

In this article, I talk about the ADT camera not recording clips.

When you notice that your ADT security camera stopped recording videos, you can try to figure out what happened and fix the problem yourself or call the customer service to help you out.

You can avoid paying a technician to visit just to log in to the system and give a few mouse clicks to fix the problem; let's see what you can do...

The reasons an ADT camera stopped recording

Sometimes a misconfiguration on the system can prevent it from recording clips, and after a quick adjustment, it starts working correctly.

Here are some reasons your ADT camera may stop recording.

The motion detection is not working

The security camera must detect movement to start recording, so it's necessary to check the motion detection settings and adjust them.

  • The motion detection is not enabled;
  • The motion sensitivity is too low;
  • The object size is not set correctly.
ADT Video Motion Detection - VMD

ADT Video Motion Detection - VMD

The recording rules is not set

ADT cameras record the clips based on the rules created according to the customer's needs. Here are some factors that can cause some problems.

  • The recording schedule is not correct;
  • The minimum delay between triggered-camera clips is not correct;
  • The option to record when the system is disarmed is checked;
  • The "At home settings" are checked.
ADT Recording Rules

ADT Recording Rules

These recording rules are essential to guarantee the ADT system records the video clips at specific times based on a calendar or at all times.

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If you have a problem with the ADT camera not recording clips, check the system configuration before calling a technician that can charge you some money to do what you can do yourself in less than 10 minutes.

If you still need help, visit the ADT website.

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