How to reset ADT alarm panel ( Easy steps-by-step)

It's important to learn how to reset an ADT alarm system to fix a technical problem and keep your home always safe without depending on other people. 

Young woman resets the ADT alarm system

You may have some problems with your alarm system after a storm, power outage, or maintenance procedure, such as replacing the battery, and a panel reset may be necessary to keep the alarm working.

How to reset an ADT alarm system

ADT systems are not always the same; the company sells different hardware over the years, and most of the time, you need to consult the user's manual to get specific instructions on how to reset the alarm.

Anyway, there are some standard procedures you can try to execute to reset yours.

Here's a list of resetting procedures you may use.

Reset after a power outage

Let's say your alarm has been off due to a power outage or after a battery replacement. You may need to reset the system by entering a code on the keypad.

Follow the steps to reset the system.

  • Read the keypad manual to find the reset code;
  •  Enter the reset code and wait for the system reboot;
  • Enter your security code to arm the alarm;
  • Disarm the alarm.

The idea is to use a reset code to reset the panel and then arm/disarm the alarm to ensure it's working correctly. After that, you decide if you need to keep it armed.

If you type the wrong code to disarm the alarm, that may trigger an alert to the security staff, and you may get a call or a visit to your home.

Don't panic, take your time, press the "#" to start fresh, and enter the code again.

That happens more often than you think. If you triggered the alarm by accident, just be prepared to explain the situation to the security team.

Reset the user access code

Sometimes you may want to reset the user access code other people may be using. Here's the step-by-step to change the user's code.

  • Enter your master code and press the number "5"
  • Enter the two-digit number that represents the user
  • Type a new code.

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Know how to reset an ADT alarm system may be handy.

Now you know the basic principles to do that.

It's always a good idea to have the skills to deal with necessary technical procedures that can help you to protect your home and your family; however, if you need extra information, visit the ADT website.

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