Hikvision Enhanced PoE feature [For long distance]

Specific Hikvision NVR models offer an attribute called “enhanced PoE” that can be extremely beneficial to users. In this article, let’s learn how to use Hikvision’s Enhanced PoE Feature.

In some situations, installing the feature in the cameras that have been installed further than the recommended (100 meters) from the recorder can help the connection.

The NVRs PoE series I and K support the extension of the PoE transmission from a distance of 100 meters. Up to 250 meters with a Cat5 cable. Or up to 300 meters with a Cat 6 cable.

Thus, if you need your IP camera to have a longer connection, then you can use Hikvision’s Enhanced PoE Feature to help you out.

How to enable Hikvision’s Enhanced PoE Feature

To turn this feature on GUI Version 3, enter the Menu-Camera, then Camera, and finally PoE Configuration. Once there, select the IP camera connected to an extended network cable.

As for GUI Version 4 Hikvision recorders, which is the new interface, go to Camera, then Camera once again, and then PoE Settings. And click on Long Distance for the Camera that has a long network cable. Simple, isn’t it ?

Don’t forget to click on Apply to save the chosen settings.


Remember that when enabling this PoE function, the bitrate maximum of the port will be downsized to 10Mbps. I recommend setting the Camera’s bitrate to 6Mbps to allow spikes in your bandwidth. This can be helpful for any minor changes in the footage.

Additionally, the footage quality might be affected when the bit rate is changed. 

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Final Thoughts

Now you know that you can use Hikvision’s Enhanced PoE Feature to improve your Hikvision recorder.

If you have any other issues or Hikvision errors, make sure you check out the articles to fix any problems you run into.