Hikvision default password and IP address

A long time ago, the Hikvision cameras used to have a default passwordbut the new cameras don’t use it anymore, and now it is necessary to create a new password during the first setup process. (the username is still admin).

So, it’s very simples. The Hikvision default password is 12345 for cameras with old firmware, and there’s no default password for models using a recent firmware.

The default IP address for the Hikvision IP camera is, and you may change it to meet your local network subnet range.

Here’s a video with a quick explanation about the Hikvision default password (hosted on YouTube).

Here’s a quick table with all information you need about Hikvision devices.

IP address

Server port

HTTP port

RTSP port

HTTPs Port





Why Hikvision doesn’t use a default password

Hikvision doesn’t use a default password anymore because hackers can use this information to log in to devices publicly available on the Internet.

Many users didn’t use to change the default password during the first setup, making the camera vulnerable to attack. This problem was reported years ago, and Hikvision started forcing the user to create a strong password.

What if you lost the Hikvision password?

Perhaps you lost the password for your Hikvision camera or tried to help a client login to a device. In that case, you need to reset the camera to factory default.

There are different methods to recover from a lost password.

Here’s a list of articles that can help you.

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How to reset a Hikvision camera (back to factory default)

Extra information

If you have an official Hikvision camera from an authorized reseller, you can either call somebody to help you or visit the Hikvision Website and ask for help. 

You can follow the instructions from the Hikvision support team to reset the device to its default state. If you are using an OEM product, talk to the vendor.

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