Hikvision backdoor password (reset tool)

Is there a Hikvision backdoor password ? Can it be protected ?

Yes, there's a way to use a backdoor password tool on Hikvision cameras but that depends on the model and firmware version the device is using.

Hikvision backdoor

In this article, I talk about how the Hikvision backdoor password works and how to protect yourself from people trying to hack your cameras.

==> This article was written for educational purposes to expose an existing problem and the solution for it. You can learn more about this issue in the article: How to hack Hikvision camera.

All devices that connect to the Internet present some risk and nothing is 100% safe, so be aware that this type of problem exists for every camera manufacturer.

The Hikvision Backdoor

Sometimes people lose the camera password and it's necessary to find a way to reset it to factory default or use a master password to get into the camera.

That's could be a the reason a manufacturer leaves a backdoor on the device.

But sometimes this feature can be exploited by hackers and things get out of control if the information is spread on the Internet.

In 2017 the ICS-Cert (US Department of Homeland Security's Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team) issued an advisory for security problem on the Hikvision cameras that could lead to a malicious attacker escalating his or her privileges by exploiting a vulnerability.

Hikvision issued a notice about the vulnerability and informed that a firmware was created to fix the problem on more than 200 models.

So, the vulnerability was fixed but the models that were not updated still could have problem with the backdoor.

The backdoor password for Hikvision cameras

There's a way to calculate what is the master password for Hikvision cameras.

You need the camera serial number and its current date.

The formula is behind a calculator that is available on the IP cam talk website.

Here's the link to the Hikvision Reset Tool.

Remember that sometimes the tool won't work depending on the model and firmware on your camera but it worth a try.

How to protect your camera

Update the firmware to the latest version and avoid people to have access to its serial number to they can't use a reset tool to find out the password.

You can also read the manufacturer notification about updates.

Extra information

You can also try the exploit tool for Hikvision cameras with old firmware.

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