How to reset a Hikvision camera (back to factory defaults)

There are different ways to reset a Hikvision camera to factory default.

If you have an IP camera, just open it up and look for the reset button.

Hikvision IP camera reset button

Hikvision camera hard reset

In a Hikvision camera, usually the reset button is located close to the memory card slot. You can easily find it even without any indication, since it's a push-type button.

Step-by-step to reset your camera Hikvision camera to factory defaults:

  1. Disconnect the camera power supply;
  2. Press and hold the reset button;
  3. Connect the camera power supply;
  4.  Keep holding the reset button for 15 seconds;
  5. Release the reset button.

After the camera reset, you need to use the SAPD tool or a web browser to setup it again since it will lose all the previous configuration.

The Hikvision cameras with hard reset button

The Hikvision cameras that have the reset button are the R6 family, G1 family and the new EasyIP 3.0. Just make sure you are using some of these models.

Hikvision camera reset via a web browser

If you don't have direct access to the camera just use a web browser to open up the IP camera menu and look for the restore to default settings: 

Go to: Maintenance > Configuration > Default > Restore.

How to reset Hikvision Camera via- Web Browser

You can restore all the camera settings but leave the IP the camera is using.

This is a great idea, especially if you are working remotely and don't want to lose access to your IP camera when restoring it to the factory default settings.

Update the firmware to the last version

After resetting your Hikvision camera is recommended to update it to the last firmware available at the manufacturer website.

There are some security issues related to old firmware that can lead a hacker to get into your camera even without using a password. You can find more information about this issue in the article: How to hack Hikvision camera.

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