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Hikvision camera error code 260015

How to fix Hikvision error code 260015

Hikvision errors can happen for a multitude of reasons. In this article, we will go over how to fix Hikvision error code 260015. The 260015 error code shows up on Hikvision devices, like IP cameras or NVR recorders, when users try playing back footage through the Hikvision app called Hik-Connect. This message might appear as […]

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Enhaced PoE

Hikvision Enhanced PoE feature [For long distance]

Specific Hikvision NVR models offer an attribute called “enhanced PoE” that can be extremely beneficial to users. In this article, let’s learn how to use Hikvision’s Enhanced PoE Feature. In some situations, installing the feature in the cameras that have been installed further than the recommended (100 meters) from the recorder can help the connection. […]

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Hikvision NAS Format HDD

Hikvision camera – How to save images to a Shared Network Folder

This article will cover how to configure Hikvision IP camera to save images to Shared Network Folder. Note that this guide will teach you the steps assuming that you are aware of how to set up the shared network folder. To save images from a Hikvision camera to a shared network folder, you just need […]

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Hikvision Error Code Offline 0X1001 Hikconnect

Hikvision Error Code Offline(0X1001) – Solved

Is your Hikvision device giving you a hard time? They can’t function perfectly all of the time. Let’s talk about the Hikvision Error Offline(0X1001) Code. This code appears when users attempt to vire their Hikvision recorder (NVR/DVR) in the Platform Access tab. It can also occur when using the P2P method known as Hik-Connect. In […]

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Hikvision no enough bandwidth

Hikvision “No Enough Network Bandwidth” Error

Once in a while, when trying to add an IP camera to Hikvision NVR via ONVIF, a Hikvision “No Enough Network Bandwidth” Error Message can appear. This issue can be seen in Hikvision brand recorders and OEM brands like Luma, LTS, Annke, Ezviz, Cantek, among other brands. The error messages reveal that the NVR is unable to […]

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Hikvision Network Abnormal

Hikvision “Network Abnormal” Issue [ Solved ]

The Hikvision “Network Abnormal” message can show up as you try to access your Hikvision recorder (NVR/DVR) or a camera through the web browser or the iVMS-4500 app. Learn how to fix it in this post. There are multiple reasons why this message shows up. Read on to find tips that will aid you in […]

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Hikvision DVR

How To Disable The Hikvision Startup Wizard

When you start up your Hikvision NVR/DVR, a startup wizard will come up. Need to disable the Hikvision startup wizard? Read on! Hikvision includes this function in their recorders, which can be extremely useful the first time the program is run as it will advise users, explain the initial setup and the basics, and take […]

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Hikvision Remote Control

Hikvision Remote Control Not Working [ Quick Fix ]

Remote controls are everywhere now, from TVs to ceiling fans. But you can also use them to access your security system. This article will cover what to do if your Hikvision remote control is not working. You might be wondering why you should even use remote controls for your Hikvision devices. Though a mouse might […]

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Open HDD

Hikvision HDD error (How to fix)

If you got the Hikvision HDD error on your DVR or NVR this article is for you.Sometimes the HDD is not detected or enters into an abnormal operational state and you need to fix this problem as soon as possible to avoid lost footage recording. This happens with Hikvision or any other recorder.What causes the […]

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Hikvision iVMS error code 7

Hikvision Login Failed error code 7 (Solved)

The Hikvision login failed error code 7 is an error that shows the message:Error code 7.(Connection failed: device off-line or connection timeout.)Sometimes you can also see the reference HCNetSDK.dll[7] to indicate the problem your software (iVMS-4200) or other device is facing.Usually, it’s very easy to fix the problem as long as you understand some basic principles […]

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