Lorex NVR cameras online

Are Hikvision cameras compatible with Lorex NVR?

If you have security cameras and recorders from different brands and are concerned with the question, “Are Hikvision cameras compatible with Lorex NVR?” I have good news for you. So keep reading.Yes, Hikvision cameras are compatible with Lorex NVRs. You can add them to the recorder via the ONVIF, a universal standard protocol widely used […]

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Lorex Account is blacklisted

Lorex account is blacklisted (solved)

The Account is blacklisted error message shows up on a Lorex app because you tried to use the wrong username and password to many times.This a smart way to protect the system against unauthorized users that are trying to guess the credentials, so if you are a Lorex device such as a DVR, NVR, or […]

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Lorex Username error message

Lorex username error message (solved)

If your Lorex device shows a username error message when you are trying to login to your account, you need to check the credential you are using.How to solve the username error problemYou just need to check if the username and password you created for your account are correct. There are some potential problems related […]

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Lorex play error screen

Lorex – Play error, click to refresh (solved)

The message “Play error, click to refresh” shows up in a Lorex when you are trying to watch live video on the Lorex Home App. Let’s see how to solve this issue.This issue is usually related to a miss-communication between the Lorex Wi-Fi camera and the app on your mobile phone or tablet.How to solve […]

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