Are Hikvision cameras compatible with Lorex NVR?

If you have security cameras and recorders from different brands and are concerned with the question, "Are Hikvision cameras compatible with Lorex NVR?" I have good news for you. So keep reading.

Yes, Hikvision cameras are compatible with Lorex NVRs. You can add them to the recorder via the ONVIF, a universal standard protocol widely used worldwide.

Use ONVIF to add Hikvision camera to Lorex NVR

IP cameras and NVRs (Network Video Recorder) must use a common protocol to communicate. They can either use the manufacturer's proprietary protocol or the ONVIF protocol if available on both devices.

Here's how to add a Hikvision camera to a Lorex NVR.

  • Login into the Hikvision camera;
  • Go to Network > Advanced Settings >Integration Protocol;
  • Select the checkbox to Enable ONVIF;
  • Login into the Lorex NVR;
  • Go to Setup > Remote Device > Manual Add;
  • Select the ONVIF protocol;
  • Enter the camera information;
  • Save the configuration.

The following pictures show the configuration details.

- Enable the ONVIF protocol on the Hikvision camera.

How to enable ONVIF protocol on Hikvision Cameras

- Add the camera to the Lorex NVR via the ONVIF protocol.

Lorex NVR ONVIF protocol

- Check the configuration to make sure the camera was added.

Lorex NVR add Hikvision camera

- Enjoy the new camera.

Lorex NVR cameras online

And it's done.

As you can see, the process is very simple.

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