Lorex username error message (solved)

If your Lorex device shows a username error message when you are trying to login to your account, you need to check the credential you are using.

Lorex DVR

How to solve the username error problem

You just need to check if the username and password you created for your account are correct. There are some potential problems related to that.

Here's what you can check.

  • Make sure you are using the correct username;
  • Double-check if you have the correct password;
  • Be careful with the use of case sensitive letters;
  • Check if your Lorex device is using the latest firmware;
  • Reinstall the Lorex Home App on your mobile phone;
  • Reboot the unit and try again.

Be patient when trying to solve the problem to make sure you've tried everything from this list and the problem still persists visit the Lorex website and ask for help.

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Login errors are very common and are usually associated with the use of a wrong username/password combination if you are having a hard time to log in to your Lorex DVR or NVR just try to login with the credentials you may have. In the worst-case scenario, talk to the technical support team.

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