Micro SD card

Foscam camera cannot recognize micro SD card

It happens all the time, people want to have the video recorded directly into the security camera, but something goes wrong with the card. If your Foscam camera cannot recognize the micro SD card, this article can help you out.Here’s a quick answer to this question.If your Foscam camera cannot recognize the micro SD card, make […]

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Foscan NVR

How to Reset Foscam NVR (Quick Steps)

In this article, I show how to reset Foscam NVR to the factory default settings. If you lost the password and can’t log in, this procedure solves the problem.To reset the Foscam NVR press and hold the reset button for about 30 seconds to load the default settings. The device reboots itself, and after a few […]

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Foscam camera

Foscam failed to connect error (solved)

If you’re getting the “failed to connect” error when trying to use the Foscam App, here I have the solution to solve the problem. Keep reading.When the error occurs, the message that usually shows up in the mobile app is “Failed to connect, please try again” indicating that the communication between the devices is not working […]

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Foscam IP camera tool

Foscam IP Camera Tool (Download)

The Foscam IP camera tool (A.K.A. Foscam Equipment Search Tool) is the free software used to find IP cameras in the network.It’s extremely simple to use, you just need to make sure the cameras and the PC that is running the software are in the same network and the tool automatically looks for compatible devices.Foscam […]

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