Foscam Camera – How to set up a static IP address

In this article, I show how to set up a static IP address for a Foscam camera.

Focam cameras

It's possible to set up an IP address for any network device either manually or automatically and for a Foscam IP camera is not different.

How to set up the camera with automatic IP

When you connect an IP camera to a network, your router can automatically assign an IP address to it using the DHCP (Dynamic Hosting Configuration Protocol).

The Foscam camera comes from the factory with the DHCP feature enabled, which means it tries to automatically get an IP from the local router or DHCP server.

Router gives IP via DHCP

Just in case this process doesn't work, or you don't have a router, login into the camera using the default IP address and credentials, and set the IP manually.

How to set up a static IP address

To change the camera IP address is necessary to have the computer with the IP in the same range; take a look at the example below.


IP address

Subnet Mask





As you can see, the camera and computer are using similar IP address 192.168.1.x

This is just an example; your network address range is probably different.

But, I think you got the idea, right? Now you just need to log in to the camera, look for the network menu, and change the IP accordingly.

Foscam camera IP Address

(click to enlarge)

The picture shows the network menu; as you can see, the DHCP box is NOT checked to set the IP manually.

You just need to set it up and click save.

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Now you know how to set up a static IP address for a Foscam camera.

You can either set up the IP address automatically or manually.

Just follow the instruction in this article and everything will be fine.

If you need extra help, please visit the Foscam website.

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