How to share Foscam camera with family members

An important feature of cameras is to be able to share them with other members of your family. Learn how to share Foscam camera through the app.

This article will cover how to share access to your Foscam camera with other users. The sharing feature is recently new to the Foscam app and makes it easy for users to share the camera and allow others to live view all at once.

Foscam App

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Share Foscam camera via Foscam app

First, you will need to have the Foscam app downloaded into your smartphone or device. You can download it through the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.

You will also need an account if you already do not have one. If you do so, log in using your credentials and open the account settings. Then choose your account.

Choose the account

Find and select the “My Family” option and enter a name such as a parent, sister, or brother. Followed by their Foscam account, then click on “Invite” to share Foscam camera.

Invite family to view foscam camera

After you invite your family member, they will receive a notification on their personal account, which they will need to “Accept Invitation” to connect to the camera. Once the invitation is accepted, they will gain control of the cameras you have access to.

Accept Foscam Invitation

Furthermore, you need to open the camera settings and select the “Share Camera” option. Set up a personal code that you will share with your family as an added protection layer. This ensures that only authorized users can access the Foscam cameras.

Share Foscam Camera

Now you can choose the members of your family that you want to share with by clicking on the “Share To” button. If you do not select and share with the family members, they won’t be able to access the camera’s footage.

Foscam shareing code created

After completing all the steps above, the users you have shared can view the camera in their Foscam accounts. They will need to input the sharing code you set up previously to be able to view the camera’s live view.

Foscam Sharing Code

Final Thoughts

Now you are aware of how to share Foscam camera. If the above steps were completed correctly, then each user can view the camera’s footage and have access to all cameras under the account.

Furthermore, they can back up recordings and live view any cameras. Lastly, the log will register what members watched the footage and at what times.